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Steve Bannon Finally Says Something Worth Hearing!

Nicole Nutting

Nicole Nutting

Steve Bannon Finally Says Something Worth Hearing!

By Nicole Nutting

      Steve Bannon, former strategic advisor to President Trump, is generally known for his grandiose, possibly gin-soaked, declarations. The sober among us have tended to dismiss his apocalyptic views as pure drama. Recently, however, he predicted the onset of an “anti-patriarchy” movement that would be a complete societal game changer. In the preface to Josh Green’s upcoming paperback release of “Devil’s Bargain”, Bannon foresees a political force which would “undo ten thousand years of recorded history”.

Apparently the Womens’ Marches, as well as the #MeToo and #TimesUp trends on social media, are having an impact on some self-described Alpha males! Actually, feminists have been anti-patriarchy for years, for decades even. This was never a secret! It just took a lot of squeaky female wheels to bring the issue to the forefront now.

Oliver Darcy, reporting to CNN with predictable male obliviousness, described anti-patriarchy as “the movement against sexual harassment and abuse”. This is a shallow and misleading interpretation. Our social structure minimizes women in EVERY conceivable way, and sexual abuse is but one symptom of the patriarchy “disease”. The problem is much bigger than that.

Before you menfolk of color freak out and stomp on the brakes, consider this: our social order under the control of White men has never worked for the benefit of all, and it never will. In fact, the quintessential “patriarch” was the slave owner. You have as much to gain from a social restructure as women do. The Womens’ Movement is not about diminishing your accomplishments, for we are allies.

Rest assured, our movement isn’t spearheaded by a bunch of raging man haters, hellbent on revenge! These are intelligent, aware, far-thinking women who envision a society where ALL individuals are valued for their unique personal contributions. The quest is for inclusion rather than exclusion–we all want a seat at the table. Join us, and together we will challenge the status quo.

Who knows–despite coming off as a wackerdoodle, perhaps Bannon really is a visionary of sorts. Hey, even a broken clock is right twice a day!




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