Steve Harvey’s 90 day pimping plan

Lucius Gantt
Lucius Gantt

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Steve Harvey’s 90 day pimping plan

By Lucius Gantt

Entertainer, TV host and comedian Steve Harvey has gotten a lot of publicity about his book about relationships.

One of the things Harvey discusses is his idea that it would be good for women to wait 90 days before having sex when they meet a man worthy of their interest and attention.

Well, there are two groups of men that should excel in that scenario, school kids and multi-millionaires like Harvey is!

In a capitalist society relationships are impacted by money and school kids don’t have any and rich people usually have more money than they need.

Don’t get this column twisted; the “wait” is not the problem in considering desirable sex partners. I know guys that will wait 90 days or nine years to sleep with a woman they really want to sleep with.

But if you care about a person and feel love for that person, there is no time limit or time schedule to become romantic or intimate.

I just think if it is good for a woman to wait 90 days before considering becoming “close” it may be good for a man to wait 90 days before spending money on that woman!

Pimping a man for ninety days is unacceptable and may cause more hate than love for a couple!

When a men cares about a woman he provides for her, they help her, they spend time with her, they talk to her, they listen to her, they protect her, they support her, they wine and dine her, they buy cards, flowers and gifts for her, they take her on cruises or other romantic vacations and they spend money on her.

Now, if a guy just wants to play with a cat he thinks he likes, he won’t hesitate to buy a dinner, pay for a movie or do other deeds a time or two.

But he’ll kick that cat to the curb or send that cat to a shelter if the cat doesn’t want to act right!

Sorry Steve Harvey but what has always been good for the goose has always been good for the gander!

Couples should never let comedians decide how they will relate. What seems fast for one couple may seem slow as snails for another.

Senior citizens especially don’t have time for relationship games. Most elders are reluctant about getting married, but they do enjoy good relations with someone of the opposite sex that they care about. They know tomorrow is not promised so they try to get in what they can when they can!

What should a woman do for a man she desires in the 90 days after she first meets him? Should she spend money on the man? Should she give him her credit card or loan him money? Should she feed him daily? Should she wash his clothes? Should she pay for his haircuts?

Maybe, but that’s not for a columnist or a comedian to decide.

A man and a woman should do what they think is best for them!

I think nothing should happen until a man and woman feel that they can trust each other. If they can go for a few days without lying to each other that is a good sign. If a call is promised but not made, be suspicious. If a date is scheduled and not made, be concerned. If a cardinal rule is broken like “no drama”, “no messing around” or “no begging” is ignored, the honest partner should end the proposed relationship immediately!

I like Steve Harvey. He has done great things in entertainment and in the community.

However, his 90 Day Pimping plan is unrealistic. Couples have to do things together at a time that is best for the couple to stay together! (Buy Gantt’s book “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing” online or at any major book store. Like The Gantt Report page on Facebook and contact Lucius at


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