Stuart Mayor displays stupidity which comes in all colors

Don-At-WorkStuart Mayor displays stupidity which comes in all colors

By Don Valentine

If you choose to lead, understand you must do it at all times.  Not just when you think it is convenient or expedient. Former African American Mayor of Stuart, Florida, Eula Clark, stepped down  from her position in January after she was heard calling a police officer a “pig” while at a convenience store. Treasure County News reported that the former Mayor was reported to have said” I did not know we were serving pig tonight” in front of the officer and store clerk.

While her blood alcohol level was not checked at the time, inebriation would still be no excuse for this ridiculously unprofessional behavior. This should be an abject illustration for all leaders of our readers.  You are the standard bearers for your flock. What you say and how you behave will be an umbrella for all people, Black or Brown. Many of the readers of N.N.P.A. are current or future leaders of our people. While Stuart is a sleepy central Florida city, Ms. Clarke’s miscue or yours will denigrate the reputation of all people of color.

Use the example of President Oba-ma, who was unflappable and never came into any discord while in the public eye. That President consistently presented himself in the model of Jackie Robinson, Dr. Martin Luther King J.R. and W.E.B. DuBois to name a few.  They were all men of color who never illuminated their inner emotions in a manner that would besmirch their peers or legion.  Ms. Clarke let down all of the brokers that came be-fore her so she could have that position of power. To the current leaders and future leaders that read this editorial, please refrain from her mistake.  One must rise above to set the standard for the rest!

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