Students lead: Florida and President react quickly

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Students lead: Florida and President react quickly

PEOPLE: Never think that age is the deciding factor, when Young People begin to Think, Move, and Act regarding something that they are passionate about, if they truly feel that they can Make a Difference!!

A passage in the Bible says, “And, a child shall lead them”, which seems to be the case with the miracles that the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students of South Florida have pulled off since the tragic shooting at their school, which left 17 dead. And, students all around the country have followed their lead, and are beginning to make a difference in their respective cities and states.

After the Douglas students, and other Broward County high school students began to March, conduct Vigils and hold Rallies following the loss of 14 fellow classmates and 3 staff members on Valentine’s Day last month, the students at Douglas took their Protest on the Road.

Two weeks ago, they went to the Florida capital of Tallahassee on a Wednesday, where they met with Governor Rick Scott. They expressed how they felt about the violence that took over their school, speaking candidly about what they felt were ways to end the scourge that has led to school shooting deaths in America for the past two decades. The Governor listened attentively, and told the students that he would respond Quickly. And…… he did just that!!

Two days later, on Friday, Scott responded with several items that he then passed on to the Florida Legislature to get them to act by passing legislation that would help curb gun violence in school settings.

Two days later, on Monday of last week, the state Senate passed a bill that:  1.) raises the minimum age to purchase a firearm from 18 to 21,  2.) creates an extended waiting period on all gun purchases in the state, and among other items in the bill,  3.) creates a Guardian program that would let certain school employees and teachers carry a firearm, as a deterrent, after completing an extensive law enforcement training program.

By Wednesday of last week, the Florida House voted on, and passed the bill, then sent it on for the Governor’s signature. After meeting with parents to get their feelings about the proposed legislation, the next day on Thursday of last week, Rick Scott signed the bill into law.

it took students, from Stoneman Douglas High, a week to get the state of Florida to act on their requests. As I said, never think that age is the deciding factor when young people begin to think, move and act about something they are passionate about, if they truly feel that they can make a difference.

And…… the State of Florida was not the only place in the “Governmental chain” that heard the Angry Students!!

Monday of this week, on March 12, a mere four days after Florida’s law went into effect, the President of the United States and the White House followed suit. Donald Trump directed the U.S. Department of Justice to provide technical assistance to all the states in America for establishing and implementing Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPO’s) that would allow law enforcement, following court approval, to remove firearms from any individuals who have demonstrated that they are a “threat to themselves or others”, and would also prevent those individuals from purchasing new firearms.

If this type of Order had been in effect in Florida, or Colorado, or Connecticut, or some of the other states where school children have been killed, or injured, in shooting casualties…… many young people would still be alive today!!

As I said in a previous message, every 50 years or so, a Young Generation comes along that is tired of the status quo, and they begin to do things to Change the Landscape of This Country. It started with the students from Douglas High School in Florida, and they have proven since the carnage that was wrought by a shooter at their school on February 14, that…… anything is possible if you put your feelings into motion and action.





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