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Freedom and Democracy in Serious Danger. Immediate Action Needed

     We ring the bell for freedom, democracy, and majority rule. We sound the clarion call for freedom fighters as we urge Floridians to reach out to Mr. Ben Frazier and the Northside Coalition and pledge support to a campaign to make Governor Ron DeSantis accountable. We also ask lovers of freedom to call the offices of Senators Marco Rubio and Rick Scott and demand they vote for the John Lewis Voting Rights Act and the Freedom to Vote Act. These three public servants who have become “three blind mice” to equality for all, must be made accountable now. […]


Happy Birthday, Ida B. Wells!

Seventy-one years before Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a Montgomery bus, Ida B. Wells bought a first-class ticket for the ladies’ compartment on the Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad. When the conductor […]