Republican Congresswomen Trade Reproductive Rights

  While this title may appear insensitive or provocative, it’s  not meant to evoke any such sentiments. Rather, it’s intended to convey the serious disconnect between women fighting to maintain control over their  reproductive rights as well as medical care. And it’s an attempt to shed light on the harsh reality that Republican Congresswomen wanting to appear masculine and stoic have traded women’s reproductive rights for their male colleagues’ testosterone. Or could it be an actual  body part that rhymes with denticles? […]


Republican’s Apocalyptic Plan

     The current Republican Party has become the arch enemy of America’s democracy. As identified in the Biblical Book of Revelation, rather than choosing good principles of governance, they’ve chosen to idolize the former president Donald Trump as their anointed leader. Trump as a bearer of un-truths, false claims, and lust for power has made him emblematic of the Antichrist. Consequently, the apocalyptic plan is to gain control of America’s system of government as a “republic.” […]

Local News

Florida Democratic Party Chair Releases Statement On Unjust Arrest Of Civil Rights Leader Ben Frazier At DeSantis Press Conference

     Following the news that respected civil rights leader, activist, and journalist Ben Frazier was arrested for exercising his First Amendment rights at a press conference convened by Governor Ron DeSantis at the Duval County Department of Health, Florida Democratic Party Chair Manny Díaz issued the following statement:  […]