Republican’s Apocalyptic Plan

John Johnson

By John Johnson II

The current Republican Party has become the arch enemy of America’s democracy. As identified in the Biblical Book of Revelation, rather than choosing good principles of governance, they’ve chosen to idolize the former president Donald Trump as their anointed leader. Trump as a bearer of un-truths, false claims, and lust for power has made him emblematic of the Antichrist. Consequently, the apocalyptic plan is to gain control of America’s system of government as a “republic.”

Though the Book of Re-velation is the least read book in the Bible, there’s a tremendous parallel between its prophecies and the political apocalypse facing our Nation at  the hands of the Republican Party. This party remains under the control of Trump. He and members of the Republican Party allegedly planned and ignited the January 6, 2021, insurrection. This action constituted the first stage of their apocalyptic plan.

A brief read of the Book of Revelation reveals the ongoing struggle between good and evil. It also informs humankind about specific warning signs of an apocalypse. Such warnings, resembles our own ongoing events like wars, conflicts, pandemics, increasing levels of evil wickedness, and the emergence of a lying political leader  lusting for power.

President Biden’s failure to rightfully characterize Ameri-ca as fundamentally evil is a grave mistake. Yes, America is a Nation founded on an ideology of white supremacy. The Republican Party is threatening to overthrow its own democracy because America is moving towards a more perfect Union for all its people.

If America is to remain a “re-public,” (government of, for, and by the people, as well as true to the U.S. Constitution, that no one is above the law), the Department of Justice cannot fail to bring to justice those Republicans and others who’ve plotted and unleashed this apocalyptic plan.

Any failure to pursue justice will only embolden others dis-satisfied with election results to attempt destroying our system of  government as a re-public.

Sadly, recent decisions of the Supreme Court suggest that they too may be a part of the ongoing “Republican’s Apocalyptic Plan.”




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