Taking leaps of faith to pursue her passion: An Exclusive Interview with HBO Baller’s Stacy Rose

StacyRose_W5-ResizedTHIS-ONTaking leaps of faith to pursue her passion: An Exclusive Interview with HBO Baller’s Stacy Rose

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By Arri Henry

      Best known for her role as Dr. Robbins on the HBO series Ballers with Dwayne Johnson, Stacy Rose, a native of Kingston, Jamaica, has been dreaming and working tediously for this career from as early as 8-years-old. She recalls at the tender age of 2, leaving her mom’s side while attending a concert on the island and ending up on stage with the performers!

Shortly after that moment, Stacy’s parents moved ahead to the United States to prepare their family for better opportunities, leaving her and her siblings to be raised by family. “Thankfully, I have a very strong family; I never felt like anything was missing anything in terms of our care or the love we received”. In elementary school, she began touring and performing in plays with her church’s drama group. She later migrated to the Miami, Fla to live with her parents.

Although she was passionate about pursuing a field in theatre as a young adult, she obtained a Master’s Degree in International Business because her parents “wouldn’t hear of her studying the arts in college”. She knew that if she wanted to be an actress, she would have to make it a financially viable career and she did so through commercial jobs until the quality of auditions improved, ultimately landing the role on HBO, playing a neurologist-turned-counselor helping a retired football player (Dwayne Johnson’s character) navigate a series of medical concerns.

“I owe my family the honor of doing something excellent with my life, because they poured so much into me.”

Stacy recently produced her first feature-length film, “Breaking the Stage” about a young girl who has to come to terms with who she is, facing her demons in order to work well with her step team. She is currently working on distribution for the film.

Even with her newfound successes, Stacy Rose admits that her journey in performing arts has been a laborious process. There were times in past when she wondered if God was torturing her because, although she was working diligently towards her goals, the opportunities still felt out of reach. She then came to the realization that “God has a plan for me. It’s just a matter of being prepared.”

Her advice for striving artists: “When opportunity meets preparation then you have success. You have to keep working hard on your craft so when the time comes, you’re already prepared. Just get ready, because the time will come”

HBO Ballers has been renewed for a third season so be sure to keep a look out for Dr. Robbins (Rose) in future episodes.

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