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“Talk About It …or BE About It??

She Said / He Said

“Talk About It …or BE About It??

Don Valentine & Nicole Nutting

     She Said: Don, I read a chilling statement the other day:

“In 2018 there are only two candidates on the ballot—democracy and fascism”.

Wow, that really puts it in perspective. This is the reality in America today, distilled to the very essence. We can discuss each horrible thing the GOP administration has done until our throats are raw, but merely talking about it doesn’t change their agenda. “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time” (Maya Angelou).

     He Said:  Shall we put the masses to the test? What are you, dear reader, really prepared to do??? Just complaining over a cappuchino in your liberal Starbucks environment gets “rip” accomplished.  In 1968 it was the people putting feet on the ground that got things changed. Step up to the table and make some kind of tangible contribution, or the future will be exceedingly bleak for generations to come.

She Said: Sad but true, we can’t sit on our thumbs and expect the situation to magically improve. It is time to mobilize, in every possible way, up to and including civil disobedience if necessary. Meanwhile, numerous progressive organizations like “MoveOn” and” Indivisible” need support in order to fight for us. Everyone, in large or small ways, can and must put energy toward resisting this wanna-be totalitarian regime.

Remember, Hitler was able to rise to power because good people did nothing…

     He Said:  We all need to walk the walk, not just talk the talk. Here are just a few examples of how we can make this a government By The People again. Pick one, or find your own niche. As the slogan goes, “Just DO it!”


Donate to ActBlue

Donate to Swing Left

Send postcards to voters in other districts

Sign up to go door to door in your district

Find your local Democratic Party and volunteer!


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