‘Test Your Bible Knowledge‘

Bible Trivia

How well are you familiar with Biblical siblings? Lets find out:

1.Who said’ am I my brother’s keeper?

2.Who’s the brother of Haran and Nahor?

3.Who was Leah’s prettier sister?

4.The half brother of Ishmael?

5.Manasseh’ brother and the head of a half-tribe?

6.Sister to Moses and Aaron?

7.Brother of Tamar and the murderous half brother of Amnon?

8.He stole his brother Philip’s wife, Herodias?

9.Half brother of James, Joseph (Jose’s), Juda (Judas) and Simon?


** Bible Facts**  Polls have indicated that one in nine Americans ( 11%) reads the Bible daily. Another two in nine (22%) read it weekly. Nearly 48% read it less than once a month or never.


Answers – 1) Genesis 4:9;  2) Genesis 11:26;  3) Genesis 29:16; 4) Genesis 21:3; 5) Genesis 41:3;  6) Exodus 2:4 (Miriam);  7) 2 Samuel 13:20-29;  8) Herod; 9) Mark 6:3

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