“Test Your Bible Knowledge”

Rev. David Deal

Bible Trivia

  • The time period between Malachi and Matthew is called the intertestamental period or the silent years. How long was the intertestamental period?
  • Can you name a Bible figure who struggled with depression?
  • What Bible figure was sold in slavery?
  • In the Bible when was the first surgery performed?
  • Which King in the Bible consulted a witch?
  • Give some examples of why the number 40 is so important in the Bible?
  • According to the Bible how long is our life’s time span?

*** Biblical Fact*** When David spared King Saul’s life Saul was in the process of “relieving” himself in a cave.

Answers – 1) 400 years;  2) Elijah-1st Kings 19:4, Jeremiah-20:18;  3) Joseph- Genesis 37:26-28;  4) God-Genesis 2:21;   5) Saul- 1st Samuel 28:7;   6) Several kings ruled for 40 years, the flood lasted for 40 days, Jesus fasted for 40 days in the desert;  7) 70-80 years, Psalm 90:10



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