Test Your Bible Knowledge

“Bible Trivia”

Test Your Bible Knowledge

  • To whom did God say, “You will crawl on your belly and eat dust?
  • Who said it? “Am I my brother’s keeper?
  • 3)What piece of clothing did Jacob give his son Joseph?
  • 4)What was the golden calf made of?
  • God told Habakkuk to write down his answer in what way?
  • Which Emperor banned John The Revelator to the island of Patmos?
  • According to Peter, what should we always be ready to do?
  • What’s the name of the pool near the sheep gate in Jerusalem where the less unfortunate would gather waiting for an angel to stir up?

**Bible fact: The first ‘mouth-to-mouth’ Resuscitation was performed by Prophet Elisha in (2 Kings 4:34).

Answers 1) Gen 3:14;  2) Gen 4:9;  3) Gen 37:3;  4) Exodus 32:2

5) Habakkuk 2:2;  6) Domitian;  7) 1st Peter 3:15;  8) John 5:4

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