‘Test Your Biblical Knowledge’

Bible Trivia

‘Test Your Biblical Knowledge’

Who were Adam’s 1st three sons?

Name two species of birds Noah sent from the ark?

What language was the Old Testament written?

Who was the only female Judge of Israel?

What city mentioned in the Book of Revelation is also the name of an America city?

Which King of Judah was enthroned at 8 years old?

What are some names for the ‘Sea of Galilee’?

Was the ‘Sea of Galilee’ fresh or salt water?

Did Jesus have any brothers?


***Biblical Fact*** Prophetess Judge Deborah was of African-Shemite decent. Her headquarters was under a palm tree. There she consulted Israelites from various tribes to have their disputes settled.

Answers – 1) Genesis 4:1-2 & 25;  2) Genesis 8:7-8;   3) Hebrew;  4) Judges 4:4;   5) Revelation 1:11;  6) 2nd Kings 22:1-2;   7) Luke 5:1 & John 21:1;  8) Fresh water;  9) Matthew 13:55

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