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“Thank you for Greatness”

THANK-YOU-CROSS“Thank you for Greatness”



Thank You are two of the most powerful words in any language. Thank you expresses gratitude, and being grateful creates an explosive atmosphere and mindset for excellent service. Jesus stated in Matthew 23:11 he that is greatest among you shall be your servant. I know that a thank you is in order for the dynamic duo of Ms. Laferne Cross and Ms. Carol Roberts of Oriole Elementary School.

I also extend a heartfelt thank you to all of the employees who supported Oriole in their rise from an F school to a B/C+ possibly as Oriole made great strides academically within  two years. Thank you Ms. Cross and Mrs. Roberts for your great leadership.

THANK-YOU-CAROL-ROBERTSYou provided a safe and caring environment for our students to grow up like a “root out of dry ground”. Thank you for reaching into the Lauderdale Lakes community and expressing to parents and community leaders the progress that their child was making and at the same time showing to them the challenges they faced. Your leadership was as a mother’s kiss and as solid as a working dad.

You not only fed breakfast and lunch to our students, but you also provided lush knowledge to their minds. Thank you both for great leadership that has prepared our students for the next level. Once again “THANK YOU” Mr. C. Jackson 6-12-17


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