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Thanks to the young people of Stoneman Douglas High

Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.

Thanks to the young people of Stoneman Douglas High

By Phillip Leno Wright Ph.,D.

I will start by thanking the students of Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High school for stepping up to the plate that Blacks in the past had to  face against dangerous tactics that included murder, and currently were ordered by American laws  that stifled them from protesting and by using the legal right to speak out about what was not right happening to their race because of their color. In the past Blacks were murdered by civilians along with law enforcement officers who used  fire hoses on blacks while they were legally protesting, murdering them killing or injuring their children, and imprisoning them with false conviction’s and even hanging them while they were in prison,  and currently much still remains the same for African American people. I am overwhelmed and extremely sadden why are these most horrific events still occurring in our United States schools? Who are these dangerous per-sons young or older, who have en-tered with weapons obtained legally or illegally with the intention  to commit murder. African American young people and their parents and grandpa-rents can reflect from the past up to today – these events are all so clearly familiar to them, but in the Black schools during and after  the Brown vs the Board of Education Bill was passed, much of the similar crimes were then committed but there had to be the National Guard and some local Police for the  protection of the African American students and their parents against other teachers, students, parents and,  some , school officials.

They were supported by the American Law Enforcement Agencies around the country. These same laws were supported by Federal Laws too. It was then, as it is now still called racism which is the cause and effects of many horrible events that happen in our American society and our schools and all over the world. May I remind our African American children and adults that this movement to fight for your lives it is for you as well. It has affected all persons no matter of Race, Color, Creed, social background, sexual orientation, so it is o.k. to join the marches of Protest along with the Stoneman Douglas students. Right now is African American people chance to stand up for the same reasons for the right to live as the students all over the United States and the world. We are all still in the same boat.

Children should not have to worry about Playing in a park, or taking a walk down the street but possibly being killed by someone carrying a weapon to kill, whether it be a hand gun, or a weapon that is used by our armed forces and sometimes by our Police Officers. Dr. Martin Luther King was also a teen of 19 years old when he join the struggle for civil rights. So once again students of Marjorie Stoneman Duglas High, I thank you for your bravery and for demanding what is right, fair, and to initiate creating laws to protect all students everywhere from gun violence for a safe learning environment. I am truly proud of each and everyone of you and your brave teachers too.



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