The Ban Man

The Gantt Report

By Lucius Gantt

The ban man wants to govern like a klansman!

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently announced his entry into the crowded race to become President of the United States.

His so-called fight against “woke” is merely a conservative joke that has no catchline.

If you don’t know, being opposed to “woke” means being against Blacks, immigrants, women, and being against children’s favorite cartoon characters like Mickey and Minnie Mouse!

DeSantis and his Republican puppets in the Florida Legislature feel the best path to the White House is the path that bans diversity, bans inclusion; bans schools from teaching and discussing Black history, bans civil rights marches and protests, bans businesses from supporting gay workers and LBGTQ customers, bans poems written by non-white children, bans adult entertainment options like drag shows, where no kids are even allowed to attend, and more.

In regard to book bans in schools, 60 percent of school book complaints came from only eleven conservative parents.

The Porky Pig-looking Presidential candidate believes the only way to beat Donald Trump in the Presidential primary is to be worse than the twice impeached, criminally indicted, currently investigated friend of Vladimir Putin that was found liable for sexual misconduct.

The people of Florida should tell the world how DeSantis governs. He sometimes signs his worst pieces of legislation in the midnight hours so the people can’t be there, the media can’t be there, and when the truth can’t be told, and any lies can’t be questioned.

DeSantis announced his candidacy for President in a disastrous comedic audio talk on Twitter, a social media site. He hid from voters and reporters on social media just like he’ll hide from voters in any other political office he seeks.

What politician wages a war against the biggest business in Florida because the business has a diverse and inclusive group of employees? What politician is quick to ban books but as slow as a snail when it comes to banning the sale of military weapons used time and time again to murder innocent children in kindergarten classrooms? What politician works hard as hell to gerrymander state and federal districts to suppress voter turnout and elect more GOP puppets that he can control and order around? What politician uses citizen tax dollars to kidnap immigrants and bus them to so-called liberal states, like New York, to get the assistance that should have been provided by the states where they once were? Who wants to pardon criminals convicted of sedition that fought, and perhaps tried to kill law enforcers and protectors of Congressional members and officials while shouting “Kill Mike Pence”, the Trump Vice President?

You know the answer is Ron DeSantis!

Any candidate for president, that says, nationalists, supremacists, and insurrectionists that stormed the US Capitol to oppose and thwart a legal and honest election should be compared to senior citizens and children that non-violently march and protest injustice and wrongful murders, is not only a terrible candidate, he, or she, is an enemy of the people!

Ku Klux Klansmen and Klanswomen want to get rid of Vice President Kamala Harris just as much or more than they want to defeat President Joe Biden because if something happens to Biden, Harris might become President.

Conservatives suggest that people of color want to “replace” white people, so they feel a need to displace Blacks and other Americans, deny equal rights and justice, suppress the people’s votes, and lie to the people about governmental decisions.

All Americans who feel they have been mistreated, exploited, oppressed, misrepresented, and misinformed must rise up and vote against candidates like “The Ban Man”, Ron DeSantis.


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