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The Beautiful Gate’s a place of compassion

The Beautiful Gate’s a place of compassion

The Beautiful Gate, Inc., Cancer Support and Resource Center (TBG), was birthed from its founder’s, Pamela Burnett, breast cancer diagnosis 10 years ago. Pam started the organization from her kitchen table, and today has served hundreds who have been diagnosed with breast, cervical, colon, prostate and other cancers. A cancer diagnosis revealed many barriers, created fear, uncovered a lack of knowledge in navigating the medical maize and exposed the vulnerability of those who are under or uninsured.

TBG officially opened their doors for service in November 2006; initially targeting African American women. As TBG became known and trusted within low-income communities, other ethnicities and more men became engaged and benefited from the services. Today, TBG provides two support groups for African American and minority women diagnosed primarily with breast cancer in underserved communities of Miami-Dade and Broward Counties. The third support group, in Miami-Dade County, is for men and centers on prostate cancer diagnosis.

TBG provides education, in-formation and/or assistance in the following areas: financial, medical navigation, transportation resources, and most of all emotional support and encouragement during the most challenging time in an individual’s life.

TBG Board, made up of individuals living with varied forms of cancer, is considerably more sensitive to the needs of newly diagnosed individuals because of their personal challenges during the cancer journey, and are committed to making a difference to those diagnosed with cancer. TBG serves as a liaison between health providers and at risk populations living with cancer.

The Beautiful Gate has been successful in the seven years of service because of hard work, leadership and by strategically establishing authentic relationships with health providers, faith leaders, institutes of higher learning and most importantly individuals infected or affected by a cancer diagnosis. These relationships continue to increase and have assisted TBG with removing barriers to quality education, treatment options, insurance, financial support and emotional stability.

The Beautiful Gate’s history is a story of compassion for individuals infected or impacted by a cancer diagnosis. For additional information, please feel free to contact our office at (305) 836-3408.


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