The cat has Donald’s Tongue

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The cat has Donald’s Tongue

By Lucius Gantt

     The United States President loves to excite his nationalist and supremacist voter base by talking negatively about people.

The 45th President talked about every one of his Republican opponents in the 2016 Presidential Primary, he talked about the Republican Congressional leadership in the Senate and the House, he talked about the news media and claimed any reports on his disheveled and disgusting short tenure in office was “fake news”, he called Iran a “state sponsor of terrorism”, he called all African nations “S_ _thole countries”, he called Hispanic immigrants rapists and murderers, he disparaged and demeaned Hillary Clinton and he constantly talks badly about the former President that African Americans love the most, the Nobel Prize winning Barack Obama!

Talking about” and “lying about” are two different things and Donald Trump lies, it seems, every time he opens his mouth and he has told more lies about Barack Obama than anyone can imagine beginning with lie after lie about Obama’s birthplace, his citizenship and his historic service as President of the United States!

Well, I know three people that Trump doesn’t talk negatively about. Trump, it appears, is afraid to talk about Russian President Vladimir Putin even though Putin and his oligarchs interfered in US elections, orchestrated his victory and divided American citizens.

Another person Trump is reluctant to speak is Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu even though under his leadership Israel does not hesitate to invade neighboring countries, bomb neighboring countries and enjoys an apartheid relationship with its closest neighbors, the Palestinians, whose lands are taken regularly and described as Israeli settlements”!

The third person Trump doesn’t talk about is “the cat”!

The President hasn’t said a mumbling word about Stormy “Battle Cat” Daniels and her “Cat Counselor” Michael Avenatti!

Avenatti is in the news constantly talking about the President’s tastes for pussy cats and porn stars and the large sums of hush money given to women to keep quiet about the size of the President’s private parts and his sexual trysts.

Yes, the cat has Donald’s tongue!

And, it looks like the cat and her lawyer will drag the 45th “Grabber in Chief” into a court of law to discuss infidelity, cheating on his wife and invalid non-disclosure agreements.

Every potential civil and criminal charge against Donald Trump has been described as a “witch hunt”.

Anyone that has ever had a feline knows that domestic “house” cats are truly predators. They will hunt and catch any animal that is smaller and/or dumber than they are. Once a cat catches his prey, they will drag the carcus right to your front door and leave it there for you to see.

A “Battle Cat” knows a slimy degenerate political snake when it sees one. The problem is a cat won’t wound the snake, for instance, the cat will kill the snake!

Good luck Mr. President. There’s a Storm coming!




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