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The cat is not enough

Lucius Gantt

Lucius Gantt

The Gantt Report

The cat is not enough

By Lucius Gantt

      Many of the single women that I run into claim they would love to have a “good man”. But what is a good man?

Well, some guys show they are “good” by loving their women, respecting their woman, protecting their woman, providing for their woman, listening to their woman, complimenting their woman, caring about their woman, being honest to their woman, being faithful to their woman and doing things like that.

Other men will pay bills for their woman, buy cards for their woman, buy flowers for their woman, buy diamonds and other jewelry for their woman, take their woman on romantic trips and vacations, give their woman the keys to the BMW and the Benz or give her a key to the dream house on the lake.

However, all of that, it seems, doesn’t mean a damn thing!

All men are primarily considered to be emotionally depraved sex hungry dogs that can’t be trusted as far as the woman can see them!

Men must understand that no matter what you do for the woman you are interested in or the woman you care about, it will never be enough!

If you do all of the good things listed above over and over again, women will not be satisfied and still find reasons to be angry with you. They will still find reasons to doubt you and still find reasons to limit you and still find reasons to reject you, if you don’t do the most important thing.

What is the most important thing? The most important thing a man can do for a woman is to do everything that a woman tells them to do!

You have to talk when she wants to talk, you have to come and go when she wants you to come and go, you have to worship the God and practice the religion that she wants to worship and practice, you have to remodel and renovate the house the way that she wants the house remodeled and renovated. You have to discipline the children the way that she wants you to discipline the children, you have to accept the girl friends of hers that she wants you to accept, you have to spend the holidays with her family instead of spending holidays with your family. You have to exercise and work out while she can let her body go and you had better not complain, you have to use complimentary and positive words to describe her but she can use any negative, disrespectful or harmful word that she wants to describe you.

To be a “good man”, you basically have to shut up and do what women want you to do.

Now, what do women have to do? If a woman lets you play with her cat maybe once or twice a month she usually feels she has done more than necessary to show she is a good woman.

And you have no idea why divorces and breakups are far more common than long term relationships?

People can’t stay together because they can’t work together, they can’t plan together, they can’t build together, they can comfort each other, they can’t support each other, they can’t defend each other, they can’t protect each other, they can’t please each other and sometimes they can’t stand each other.

Every now and then couples have to compromise and couples have to sacrifice. Sometimes things have to be done the woman’s way and sometimes things have to be done the man’s way.

The people that stay together for 50 or more years have ups and downs like everybody else but they stay together for each other. They realize they are better together than they are alone. Together they ride or die. They stick together through good times and bad, through sickness and in health. They stick together when money flows and when one or both of them are almost broke.

If you want a long lasting marriage or relationship, you have to want to last a long time. You have to bring your mental, spiritual, financial and personal best to a relationship to get longevity.

The cat is not enough!

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