The children in America: Have been here before

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Roger Caldwell
Roger Caldwell

The children in America: Have been here before

By Roger Caldwell

With eloquence and passion, America’s children who are really young adults, (both men and women) are sharing their truth with the world. Many in America are not prepared for integrity (integrity?), and many refuse to believe that our young men and women have something significant to tell or teach us.  But a truth movement is sweeping the country, and the leaders are our young men and women (the youth).

Many Americans are in denial that there is a pervasive sickness in the country, an addiction to guns, and many of our leaders are quiet. When there are 24,000 people in 2018 who have been injured by guns, and 11,000 have died by guns, something is wrong.

Gun violence has become a way of life in America, and some think the solution to the problem is to put more guns on the street.

“On Feb. 14, a gunman stormed Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland Florida, killing at least 17 people and injuring 50. Parkland police arrested former pupil Nikolas Cruz 19, who was expelled from the school in 2017,” as reported by Inogen Groome of The Sun.

“In 2018, on American school properties, there have been 18 shootings , and 5 shootings have resulted in students and teachers being killed or injured. Since 2013, there have been over 290 incidents involving gun violence on school campuses in America,” according to Everytown. This averages out to around one shooting every week.

Last week President Trump held listening sessions with young adults, parents, teachers, and authorities. His conclusion was to fight fire with fire. This essentially means that Trump is calling teachers to become armed to prevent school shootings. The National Rifle Association (NRA) thinks this is a great idea, and they are ready to commit finances to help get the teachers trained.

This is an awful and insane idea from the president and the NRA. The NRA has some Americans thinking that banning automatic, semi-automatic, and assault weapons is an at-tempt to eradicate individual rights and freedoms.

More guns will never be a solution to mass shootings including shootings at schools. Trump and Wayne LaPierre (President of the NRA) are a threat to American sanity, and we cannot shoot our way out of our rifle and gun addiction.

Jason Taylor of the Daily Insurgency says, “We are insane. We have lost our collective mind and a tyranny of a minority is ruling this country into a slide of destruction that may have no end, and we may never climb back out of the in-sanity that has taken over America.”

Gun control and courage to take a stand against it is the logical solution to the mass gun addiction in America. According to a website “Truth about Guns,” they estimate there are over 400 million guns and rifles with legal ownership in America. There are no records of illegal ownership of guns, and it is probably in the hundred millionaire range.

Since the shooting in Parkland Florida, students have launched a movement that is reshaping the gun control debate, and the NRA, the president, and Republicans are concerned.

“The student movement is forcing donors to cut funding to the NRA and pressuring lawmakers to stop taking money from the politically influential gun rights group. The teenage activists themselves are collecting millions of dollars from celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey and George Clooney, and organizational know-how from groups including the Women’s March,” says Andrew Hay of Reuters.

The youth have always led the change during political crisis, and with the power of social media, there is an almost instantaneous mobilization. Our young people are inspiring many Americans with their courage, and we all should work together to bring sanity back, and change gun laws in America.


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