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The Cold Hard Cases of Duke Denim: Hold’Em Close

Duke Denim

Duke Denim

The Cold Hard Cases of Duke Denim: Hold’Em Close

Duke Denim jumps into action in the debut novella, Hold’Em Close.  A missing socialite puts into motion a tale of deceit, uncontrollable fury, millions in insurance money, broken hearts, and broken jaws.  From high brow restaurants to unfinished skyscrapers, Duke Denim uncovers a city full of secrets and why people want to Hold’em Close.

Anyone who would walk down the streets of Big City should step wisely.  Private detective, Duke Denim knows this all too well.  After mysteriously leaving the Big City Police Department, he has dedicated himself to solving the crimes others have forgotten.  From his small office, halfway down to the stairs on the left, Duke faces cries for help and punches to the gut…overcharging cabs and cops with a grudge…trying to stay alive and trying to get a date.  After all, life is cold and hard in Big City…  and these are the Cold Hard Cases of Duke Denim.

The critically acclaimed series, Brotherman: Dictator of Discipline, is the world from which the character Duke Denim originated.  The Cold Hard Cases of Duke Denim takes the audience to another time period in the world of Big City.  Fans of Big City Comics will enjoy this new and exciting facet of the world of Big City Entertainment.


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“From start to finish I was captivated. I smell a Lifetime Drama Murder Movie! Fantastic work!”

Robyn W., Philadelphia,

“From beginning to end, I was caught up in the excitement and shenanigans as the tale of Big City’s aristocrats and “commoners” was skillfully intertwined. The scenes are so rich and vivid; they almost come to life like a movie. I absolutely loved this book and cannot wait for the next one!  Great writing, Guy!”

Yolanda A., Atlanta

Great story highly recommended! Written with the rawest and grittiest dialogue that cuts like a laser blade, truly one of my favorite writers, make no mistake about!

Omar J., Colorado



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