The Cure for Cancer


By Melanated Glow

When it comes to taking medical advice from a certified professional, suspicious people tend to respond with, “But they haven’t found the cure to cancer,” to defend their noncompliance. Regardless of the reason, there is some truth in this statement. Despite the many years of widespread donation drives, Cancer is still a real thing. But why? Is there something that these professionals and published scientists are not sharing with the people?

According to T. Colin Campbell in ‘The China Study’, medical associations and organizations are fully aware that the percentage of animal protein a person intakes is directly related to cancer cells in the body being activated or deactivated. In other words, ingesting a high percentage of animal products and by-products activates the cancer cells in our bodies, while lower percentages deactivate the cells. Because this truth will negatively impact profits for businesses that benefit from the selling of animal protein, these companies instead hold drives using nonprofit organizations to show concern. There is a common theme of attacking the symptom versus severing the root of the problem.

The correlation between cancer and the amount of animal protein ingested does not depend on the area of the body that the cancer is located in. Throat Cancer, Breast Cancer, Stomach Cancer, etc. are all linked to the food we eat. Other conditions can intensify and speed up the development and spread of the disease, but the activation of the cells is dependent upon what is entering the body. Cancer is defined as a disease where some cells grow uncontrollably and spread to other areas of the body according to For this to take place, there has to be an imbalance in the body.

Cancer only occurs if there is a breakdown in the body so that the body cannot function optimally to sustain each of the complex processes of each organ. We are made to function as a whole person with each organ, vessel, cell, etc. having its specific role, responsibility, and needs. When our bodies cannot perform its function, to cleanse the body of foreign substances, everything gets out of whack and we become susceptible to various illnesses, including Cancer.

So long story short, there is no “cure for Cancer” because cancer itself is a breakdown of a person’s bodily functions. Cancer can also be reversed with the change of diet and behaviors. These changes take place first in the mind. Before we go on a diet, the option was first a thought. Our thoughts then modify our actions. Consistent actions over time change behavior and create habits.

So, is there a safe amount of animal and animal by-products to consume? According to the thorough research of Dr. Campbell, the answer is yes. We want to be under 20% with the other 80%+ coming from plants. A safe percentage is 0 -10% to make sure your body is not intaking a dangerous percentage of animal protein. Sometimes the animal by-products are hidden. For instance, a lot of products contain butter, cheese, milk and/or eggs. We also add meat, sometimes unnecessarily, to foods. What are collard greens without smoked ham hocks, right? We don’t always think about the grease used to cook fries and whether it was previously used to fry chicken or other meats. All these things add to the amount of animal protein that enters the body.

We cannot ignore the current condition of our bodies. We only have this vessel during this lifetime, and it is important that we take care of it. Small modifications can make the difference between life and death. Knowing that decreasing animal protein from our diets can keep the cancer cells in our bodies inactive allows us to become conscious of our health and the things we do to impact it positively or negatively. It is about understanding that cancer comes from an unbalanced body that we can then realize that the “cure” for cancer is more complex than taking a shot. It is about our bodies.

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