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By Lucius Gantt

Every few years or so someone writes a book, blog, essay or does a podcast that suggests a viable plan for Black progress and posterity.

Most of these plans for African Americans are proposed by Black people that are acceptable to whites. They include Black people that were taught by whites, Blacks that work(ed) for whites, Blacks that live in white neighborhoods, etc.

Many of the Black plans oftentimes sound good but the proposals that get pushed and promoted are the Black plans for progress that are most acceptable to non-Blacks.

The United States of America is not a communist or socialist nation. The USA is a capitalist society.

In a capitalist society, money is the primary motivating factor.

Any plan for Black progress in America must have an economic component. If the planners and proposers that you love can’t articulate a workable economic plan for Black progress what they suggest may sound good; but their plan may be like the Great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., good but dead!

You can run to your social media news feed to watch videos of speeches about Black economics, you can run to your local bookstores any buy expensive books about economic “Hope”, you can listen to your Pastor, Priest or Imam preach about praying for money and economic viability or you can use the brain and the eyes that God gave you to figure out a way to move your people and your community forward.

I agree with some of the people getting paid $10,000, $20,000 and even hundreds of thousands of dollars to tell you how to make Black lives matter and how to make Black lives better.

But I don’t agree with their logic and I laugh at most of their conclusions.

Yes, we need to “unite” but talk won’t unite us. Gang members talk but I doubt if they’ll unite. Fraternities and sororities and masonic groups talk but they won’t truly unite. Different religious denominations and religious leaders talk all of the time but they will never truly come together for a cause that will positively impact all Black people.

Hell, you can’t even get Black health care providers and professionals, Black lawyers, Black media companies and other Black businesses to unite for the common Black good.

Think about it. Jesus didn’t need everybody, he didn’t even need everybody in his family, to change the world, in a way. Fidel and Che had about five of their friends hook up with them to change the whole island of Cuba.

Talk about the unification of all Black Americans is poppycock!

All Black people need to start a revolution, a rebellion and a surefire plan for African American progress is a plan that will work, a plan that can generate Black wealth and a plan that can fund a Black community infrastructure that can finance Black businesses, affordable homes, schools, politics and whatever else those people telling you that you can get.

Not too long ago, a Black billionaire gave about $40 million to students at FAMU to satisfy their student debt. That was great!

But I know a way if ten Black billionaires put up only $10 million each, in their own banks (that would never leave their bank accounts) a fund could be established that would generate billions and billions for Black progress in a very short time period!

Yeah, you can say Lucius is CRAZY! But Lucius knows what white folk don’t want you to know. Lucius knows wealthy people don’t deal in dollars, or francs, or rubles or pesos. Really rich and wealthy people deal in PAPER, so-called financial instruments.

I can tell you how all of that works but the people that don’t want you to know will kill me. Fear not, I will reveal how all interested African Americans and other people of color can enjoy life in a meaningful way but not today.

All I want you to do is don’t believe the hype. Don’t swallow the poison of the flavor of the day. Like Mike Tyson once said, “Everybody has a plan until they get knocked out!”

All of the Black progress perpetrators will get paid to give you corny speeches during the month of February. You have people in your neighborhood, at your church, in your school or on your job that may be smarter than the poverty pimps that get paid to speak to you.

We can do better. You can do better. Our race can do better.

You don’t have to stop listening to or loving the people you’ve been told has the way to the life. Just try listening to new and different voices sometimes.

I get most of my ideas and positive thoughts from the books, the experiences and the people that the beasts and devils don’t want you to know or believe.

The flavor of the day plan for progress doesn’t work for me. I want the truth about Black improvement and progress and you should too!


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