The Head of the Political Snake

Lucius Gantt

The Gantt Report

By Lucius Gantt

      To me, one of the most memorable political observations in the last 12 months was made by late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel.

Kimmel spoke about the Sen. Ted Cruz journey to Cancun to vacation when residents in his Texas district were suffering with no electricity.

The TV comedian called Cruz a “snake on a plane”!

Well, Sen. Cruz is not the only snake in the political snake pit. There are political snakes in every American state, county and city!

Right now, I know African Americans are upset about voter suppression laws that were passed by the Georgia Legislature and signed by Georgia’s Governor Brian Kemp.

Many readers of The Gantt Report have asked me why I did not opine about the political topic of the day. I didn’t because I wrote about what would happen about a year ago in a column called “The Satans in Your State” and the column was forgotten and ignored.

Anyway, the political pundits, governmental employees and political consultants are telling you can turn the voter suppression tide by voting in large numbers in 2024 to elect Democrats.

Ha, ha, ha! Excuse me for laughing but sometimes a vote for a Democrat is merely a vote for a Dixiecrat, or for a Republican wolf in Democratic sheep clothing.

If you want to put an end to Republican legislation that will deny all voters, not just Blacks, a variety of ways to cast their ballots, you have to attack the dollars by going after Republican campaign contributors.

Republican elected officials and candidates can’t win a rat race without the financial support of monetary exploiters, financial oppressors and greedy millionaires and billionaires that expect Republicans to take from the poor and give to the rich.

If you tell Walmart, Wall Street, Home Depot, Chick Fil-A, Delta, Carnival Cruise Lines, insurance companies, car manufacturers, TV station owners, banks and others that you will stop spending your money with them if they continue to finance election campaigns of Republicans that vote for laws that suppress votes, the lack of campaign funding will stop Republicans in their tracks!

The Democratic Party, locally and nationally, still can’t compose a decent message or response when faced with sneaky and snake-y bills by your political enemies.

Too many of us have eyes but can’t see. A rudimentary look at election laws passed over the last eight years will clearly show Republicans sponsored and voted for laws that made it easier for Americans to vote.

Those same Republicans flipped like Simone Biles after Biden became President and Democrats started defeating Republican Senators and Congress persons.  Republicans continue to parrot “the big lie” about voter confidence.

By the time 2024 election time rolls around, the law that prevents you from giving water to a thirsty voter who has stood in line for hours will be the least of your worries. Eligible voters will be purged from voter rolls, “Souls to the Polls” will be discredited and abandoned and your neighborhood precincts will be closed or dismantled!

No, I don’t pop off a column because of what the reporters you love say is brand new news, I write about what will happen before hand.

Browse through The Gantt Report archive and you’ll see what a visionary columnist saw a long time before your cable news network.

A political snake is still a snake that will bite you and kill your political progress. Politics has always been all about the political money.

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