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The House authorizes speaker Boehner to sue the President

Roger Caldwell

Roger Caldwell

The House authorizes speaker Boehner to sue the President

By Roger Caldwell

      Last week the U.S. House of Representatives voted 225 to 201 to allow Speaker Boehner to sue President Obama. This is the first time in American history that a chamber of Congress approved a lawsuit against the President. Boehner has no idea why he is suing the President, but it looks good on his resume.

The Republicans are angry and they are claiming that the President has abused his power by issuing executive orders. But every president has used executive orders to circumvent the federal bureaucracy, and make it easier for the president to get certain things done. But the Republicans are upset, because they could not repeal the ACA, so now they will use a new stalling tactic.

This lawsuit will probably cost the American taxpayer billions of dollars and nothing will get done in Congress for the next two years. The Republicans and conservatives have no idea what they are doing, so everyone can expect a huge mess. Boehner will struggle bringing this case to trial, and courts have traditionally been uncomfortable getting involved in disputes between the legislative and executive branches of government.

Boehner is trying to make this fight between the Congress and the President, but this fight is really between the House Republicans and the President. The vote was based on partisan lines, and the Republicans are trying to show that President Obama can be stopped even though he has broken no laws.

The Democrats have demanded a cost figure, but the Republicans have no idea, so they declined to provide a number. Now that the Republicans have a green light to sue the President, they will consult with their lawyers for the final wording of the lawsuit. It is no telling how long this will take, but it is costing Americans plenty.

After the wording is right, a Bipartisan Legal Advisory group will vote if the lawsuit can proceed. Once the Bipartisan Legal Advisory group approves the lawsuit, then a federal judge will decide if the case can go to trial. This can take months and maybe a year, but Speaker Boehner is serious, and he thinks he can win.

The House Republicans believe the President has overstepped his authority by telling the media that he was no longer waiting for the House, and he was going to do it alone. Congress will also probably challenge the President on his unprecedented changes he made to the ACA. Finally, they will also challenge the President on his Administration’s handling of the immigration crisis.

Boehner will be forced to throw everything he can think of in this lawsuit. We can expect that it will not be logical and probably it will not make sense. But the point is to get attention, and make everyone think he is doing his job.

In the last five and a half years, the Republicans have been looking for a scandal to link the President to. Since the Republicans cannot find any dirt, they have decided to sue the President for doing his job. The President has broken no laws and he has helped millions of Americans with the ACA.

The President is working diligently to solve the border crisis, but the House Republicans continue to block and obstruct his initiatives to improve the situation. The Democrats must turn out in huge numbers in the mid-term election to show Republicans that they are going in the wrong direction in their thinking and idelogy. We have the ability to change America with the power of the vote, and Boehner’s suit will never win.

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