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“The importance of God’s immutability”

Pastor Rasheed Baaith

Pastor Rasheed Baaith

“The importance of God’s immutability”

     “Whatsover God doeth, it shall be for ever; nothing can be put to it, nor anything taken from it…” (Eccl. 3:14)

In this political season, a political season unlike any that has been seen before, it is clear to us that nothing can be taken for granted.  The political process we are witnessing is one in which those campaigning for office have made extremism their philosophy and intolerance their watchword.  This is true of those on the left and on the right.  Disagreements have become character assassinations and compromises are anathema to their way of thinking.  Even worse few of them will admit having said something they regret or having done something they would not do again.

Our economic system is designed to garner wealth for a few at the expense of the many. The resource of money, at least most of it, is under the control a coterie of individuals who are determined to not just hold on to what they have but to increase their financial domination.  They have made being wealthy a clique never to be a horde.

Our schools, which at one time were the path to a better life for those who aspired to life success via academic achievement have become in our poorer communities institutional failures at education.  For those children schools are where they attend not where they learn.  And if the schools are changing at all, it is for the worse.  City governments and school boards well aware of what needs to be done to give these children a fair chance at be-coming educated enough to have a fair chance at a better life refuse to allocate resources to make things better or even admit there is a problem.  Instead pressure is being put on teachers to have students pass state and local tests or risk losing their jobs. So our teachers are over worked, under paid and unexcited about teaching.

And what of our churches?  Many of them have become citadels of entertainment and of compromise.  The concern is not what church is where one can learn to understand what being a Christian is or how to apply the teachings of Jesus Christ to personal living but what church has the biggest building or the best choir or the most talented keyboardist.  The people don’t talk about where they heard a good word but how good the praise dancers are.  But we cannot blame the people for that kind of thinking, because many pastors have the same mentality.

Instead of encouraging the people to study to show themselves approved to God, pastors encourage them to at-tend conferences sponsored by themselves and their churches or to watch movies. The Church wants to use everything and everybody but Jesus as the anchor for our lives. And if the Jesus of the Bible does not have acceptance today, many in the Church wants to change what God said or what He meant when He said it. We want compromise so we can teach religion instead of teaching relationship with God

True relationship with God through Christ Jesus requires obedience to the faith as taught in the Bible, both in the Old and New Testaments.  God’s Word says He does not change, God is immutable. That means what was required before is required of us now.

Immutable means something or someone who does not change and cannot be changed.  God and God’s Word does not change and cannot be changed.  Not because He is unpopular, not because we are uncomfortable with what He said or how He said it, not because we want our sin to be acceptable.

So while our expectations of politics or education or even the Church may change, our expectation of God should remain what it has always been.  That God is Holy, Holy, Holy and He expects the same of us.  Today, tomorrow, forever.

“I am the LORD, I change not…”  (Malachi 3:6a)  Think about it.

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