The Invisbile Plan

The Gantt Report

By Lucius Gantt

As a young man, I watched an intriguing television show called “The Invisible Man”. The star of the show could turn almost any object invisible.

One day, the scientist lead of the show decided to turn himself invisible and about one year of episodes resulted that covered his invisible exploits.

Today, President Donald Trump has decided to put his own twist on the once popular TV series.

The white nationalist president announced his support for renewed efforts to repeal The Affordable Care Act (ACA).

People that want affordable health care love the ACA, people with pre-existing medical conditions love the ACA, people that want to have a health plan that covers their children until they reach 26 years of age love the ACA and people that hate Black people hate the ACA.

Obamacare, as it is called by Trump  and his base of ku Klux klansmen, white supremacists, skinheads and neo-nazis, want to repeal, replace and destroy everything America accomplished in his eight years as US President.

They don’t want to repeal the ACA because it is a bad health plan, they want to repeal the plan because a Black President fought to get it implemented and won the Congressional battle!

Don’t worry that doing away with the ACA will hurt far more poor, rural and white Americans than any other ethnic group, Trump and his wicked followers have a goal to erase every political accomplishment made by the Black president off the books!

Well, if Donald Trump and his slew of conservative judges can take down or take out the ACA, I know now what the ACA will be replaced with: “The Invisible Plan” from the ignorant man!

Trump campaigned on “repeal and replace” but nine years after the ACA became law, no Republican elected official on earth has come up with a better health plan for United States residents. The Invisible plan is invisible because the GOP has no health plan at all, it can’t be seen!

They haven’t come up with another health plan because they cannot come up with a better health plan.

Their idea that “better” means letting insurance companies cover the people they want, the claims they want at the exorbitant and higher prices they want should be fought against discredited and abolished!

Young people, if you’re healthy now, wait until you get older (Sounds like a Bobby Womack song, doesn’t it?)

How on earth can anyone, young or old, support efforts and votes to slash Medicaid, cut Medicare, dismantle Social Security, increase student debt, decrease affordable housing and do every other bad thing along with repealing the best government health plan in our lifetimes?

The wicked and diabolical fake Pharaoh is tricky. Trump will make the sick and troubled citizens appear like the criminals and the greedy insurance companies look like the victims in the health care debate.

Health care should be a right for everyone living in the United States and not just a privilege for the wealthy and greedy!

In the 2018 midterm election, voters sent Trump and his GOP political puppets to huge election day defeats.

If the President continues to try to kill your health plans and other earned benefits voters should give Trump’s Tricksters another election beat down!




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