The Miracle Child

 Jayda Washington-Boothe, twelve-year-old African American, from Jamaican and Bahamian descent, is the recipient of the 2020 NASA Rocket and Space Center Scholarship for Robotics. *** Jayda is the great-granddaughter of Fort Lauderdale natives from Bahamian Descent The Weech’s (The late Bishop Vernal and Mother Annie Juanita Weech)


Jayda’s goals are to become a aerospace engineer, professional athlete, and a chef.

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL — In a lifetime, there are so many achievements to make and opportunities to seize. Not too many people have been given the opportunities as Jayda Washington-Boothe, a twelve-year old girl who has been blessed to make amazing strides so early in life.

Washington-Boothe is a scholarship recipient which covered tuition, room and board at the 2020 NASA Rocket and Space Center for Robotics in Huntsville, Alabama. Upon receiving this honor, she had to go through a very demanding application process which included a research project and letters of re-commendation.

Washington-Boothe has excelled at every level she has been at since the age of nine and has not looked back. Her accolades include Black Girls Code-Miami Chapter, IT Women, Girl Up, Word Camp Miami, Broward County Chess Ambassador/Queen, Vex Robotics SECME, National Junior Honor Society, and The US Chess Federation.

Washington-Boothe also displays her love for the community through her involvement with the Faith Center Ministries Youth Department, “Hands on Broward”, and Hurricane Dorian Relief Efforts. She is a recipient of Florida State Representative Richard Stark Community Service Award and nominee for the City of Coral Springs MLK Monument Award for leadership and community service.

A truly bright young lady, her mother Mrs. Annejeanette Washington Collins believes she is a product of faith.

“She is a miracle child. It has been a journey of faith,” said Collins. “While I was pregnant with her, I was told that we both could die but we survived. We are approaching thirteen years and we are blessed to be here.”

Collins says that although she never thought she would gain this much success so early, she has always been special and many of the recognition she is receiving began to manifest at a young age.

“By the age of nine I knew her life would not be ordinary,” Collins said. “Little things began to become big things very fast.”

Washington-Boothe says that she continues to stay humble throughout all of her success.

“It is important for me to put God first,” Washington-Boothe says. “I think everything I am doing is giving me a better chance to socialize with people and become a better professional.”

Washington-Boothe is extremely talented and has plans of starting her own YouTube channel that focuses on gaming. She has had a fast progression and she plans to continue her success by pursuing her goal to become a software engineer, chef, and professional athlete.

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