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The OIC has never left , just getting better

The OIC has never left , just getting better

Photos by Lelia Fore, Digital Media Specialist

By Byler E. Henry

Established in 1964, the OIC (Opportunities Industrialization Centers) is a reliable organization with helpful programs underneath. The TPP (Teen Pregnancy Prevention) is one of the programs under the OIC.

The TPP goal is to reduce teen pregnancies, STD’s, and HIV/AIDS in twelve Broward County high risk zip codes. Annually, they serve about 4,500 middle and high school aged youth throughout Broward County.

There are other programs that are designed to be helpful. With the OIC being around for a while, can it offer new programs? “What’s new about OIC is our ability to open doors of opportunity for the unemployed, the unskilled, and educating our youth within the Broward and Miami Dade inner-city communities.  OIC’s vision of improving the lives of everyone it touches will never change.  It is our partnerships, programs and services that are continuously evolving to meet current demands,” says Adrinia Woods, who is the Director of Communications and Partnerships for the OIC.

Woods continues with the exceptional services that OIC has and  which they are truly trying to get more of the underserved citizens involved with.  “OIC offers South Florida a unique value proposition in our ability to serve as a community-based workforce, job development, and training organization that focuses on the unemployed, the unskilled, and those with barriers to self-sufficiency due to past indiscretions in their background.  OIC also addresses the vicious cycles of poverty, by partnering with local schools and government agencies in providing youth programs. Our youth programs focus on teen pregnancy prevention, academic tutoring, and career planning.”

The TPP program hosted a Teen Explosion event that had an excellent turnout. “In hosting the OIC TPP Teen Explosion event, it was our goal to connect, educate, and celebrate with our youth. We did just that…  In partnership with Broward County Public Schools and the U.S. Department of Health Human Services, Office of Adolescent Health, OIC of South Florida has educated over 17,000 youth within the last eight years,” Ms. Woods says about how the program turned out. “As a result, Broward County’s youth have learned about making informed decisions and taking control of their own voice when it comes to pregnancy prevention. With the help of DJ Ivory and DJ Stichiz (from 103.5 The Beat), and QuickThePoets’ motivational talks, OIC successfully celebrated its current students’ completion of the program.”

It seems as if the goal of the program to educate, connect, and celebrate with the youth was a success. There was a large crowd of youth at the event.

It started off in a full room, where QuickThePoets’ kicked things off with a speech of encouragement, while DJ Ivory and DJ Stichiz helped to hype the crowd with music. Then, the students were separated into stations and rotated between each.

At the end of the day, the message was successfully delivered and received. The OIC will continue to deliver and guide people in the right direction. Ms. Woods along with the OIC are dedicated to see that happen. “We plan to continue to address the vicious cycles of poverty through family strengthening,” says Woods.

With more “paid as you learn” opportunities/apprenticeships, we can assist our clients with immediate financial support, while getting them to commit to skill-base development,” Woods says, “OIC of South Florida needs the help of everyone that sees the value of guiding someone to the right resources when looking to become self-sufficient.  We need the help of Grandma/Granddad, Auntie/Uncle, Sister/Brother, and the Community Leaders and Organizations to tell their family member to get OIC Certified!”             



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