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The politics of capitalism spawns unseemly political profiteering

Derek Joy

Derek Joy

The politics of capitalism spawns unseemly political profiteering

By Derek Joy

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In the aftermath of George Zimmerman’s acquittal on second degree murder charges for shooting and killing Trayvon Martin in the gated community in Sanford, Fla., where he was visiting his father, Tracy Martin, on Feb. 26, 2012, people persist at harping on color and racism.

Obviously, the sky is blue.  Grass is green. And so is money.

Those are but a few descriptions we use in life. Race and ethnicity are the same. Descriptions and categories in life in America as we know it.

True. Racism exists among Blacks, whites and every other race in the world. And, yes. People of color kill each other far more often than other ethnic groups kill us.

But none of us can ignore the fact that the 17-year-old Martin was not committing any crimes while walking home to his father’s residence. He gave Zimmerman no reason to follow him, get out of his vehicle to confront, shoot and kill him.

That is what the prosecutor didn’t accentuate. That is what the jury ignored in rendering its verdict; under circumstances that some have speculated would have resulted in their being ostracized in one way or another.

Interestingly enough, there was no change of venue in the trial, despite the constant media coverage – locally, statewide and nationally. Another interesting point is that both the defense and the prosecution went above and beyond the call of duty in excluding Black Americans from the jury.

Equally interesting in the fact that Juror B37 is married to an attorney. She made it known she had a book deal, but subsequently rejected it. There has been speculation, and advice against Zimmerman accepting a book deal or any profit after the tragic death of Martin at his hands.

Zimmerman didn’t listen or follow the warning of the police dispatcher who asked was he following Martin and then said:  “We don’t need you to do that.” And he walked free after taking an innocent teenage life.

Sadly, the Koch Corporation, which sells paper products, has publicly committed to defraying the costs of Zimmerman’s legal defense. They reportedly believe in his right to own a firearm.

Consequently, they are willing to pay for murder for hire. Zimmerman’s right to own a firearm does not give him the right to pursue an innocent person, provoke a physical confrontation and murder that person under the pretense of self defense.

Ironically, President Barack Obama weighed in, shocking some when he publicly said he had been racially profiled.  Pissed some haters off when he noted how he could have been Trayvon Martin – by circumstances.

Since Koch reportedly pumped big bucks in the Mitt Romney Republican Presidential Campaign in 2012, could their support of “Zimmerman really be a slap at Obama and Black America as a whole?

Be it the case or not, there are con-sequences.

For one, there is a move afoot to stop purchasing any and all products sold by Koch. That certainly would be a big dent in profits if at least 75-percent of Black Americans follow through on such a boycott.

No doubt that would cost them more than what they’re spending on Zimmerman’s legal defense and whatever else they might pay him for.

And consider the economic damage to Florida if there is another successful tourism boycott.


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