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The politics of morality has no political equal

Derek Joy

Derek Joy

The politics of morality has no political equal

By Derek Joy

Sure thing. . .

The political realm of life has its quirks on the campaign trail.  Think about it?

Republican Governor Rick Scott and Democratic challenger Charlie Crist, the former Republican Governor, turned Independent, turned Democrat.

Scott’s campaign advertisements are having a ball with that, repeatedly slamming Crist, who holds a slight edge in the polls.  Crist counters with how many times Scott invoked his 5th Amendment rights (75) while his ACA Health Care Group was being investigated for medicare fraud.

Turns out that ACA was fined more than $1-billion for its transgressions.  Scott walked away with a golden parachute with an estimated payoff of $200-million. It ends with “Scott is too shady for the Sunshine State.”

But that isn’t all.

Scott invaded Crist’s stronghold last weekend. Hit him where it hurts.  That’s right.  Scott had the unmitigated gall to visit Bethel Community Full Gospel Baptist Church in St. Petersburg.

He was well received by the Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Sykes and his congregation. He went to church with people of color in Crist’s home town.  Some nerve.  Actions that all but said he’s out to win by any means necessary.

“I was shocked,” said Ted Pinckney, an usher at Bethel Community, explaining his reaction when Scott and his security force arrived at the church.

“He didn’t make any political speeches.  Just the generic.  And he thanked the church for having him, complimented the choir for their singing and complemented the pastor for the sermon.”

There is, of course, a flip side to that all. Remember Jennifer Carroll, the ousted Lt. Governor?  Well, she got Scott his first entrée to a Black American church when she ran as his Lt. Gov. in 2010.

As time went by Carroll was implicated as being affiliated with a suspect veterans charity organization.  Carroll was never charged or indicted.  No matter. Scott unceremoniously dumped her.

It took him 10 months to find a replacement. Scott was rebuffed by several potential replacements, which some perceived to be nothing more than delay tactics.  He finally settled on then Miami Dade County Tax Assessor Jorge Lopez Cantera, a former Florida State Legislator.

Now the battle is on.  Crist is certain to unfold some of his slickerisms aimed at Scott. But going to church among people of color has never been a problem for Crist.

What needs to be looked at along with the pressing political issues is a balance of how politicians exploit the church community for their selfish political gain.


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