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The Prancing Elites: This TV show could possibly change the world

pancing-eliteThe Prancing Elites: This TV show could possibly change the world

By Naturally Triece

      Are you ready for the Prancing Elite Project? I can promise you that this is like nothing that you have ever seen before.

The newest Oxygen reality television series features a dance group which is not gender specific, even though some would call them transgender. The group consists of members; Adrian Clemons, Kentrell Collins, Kareem Davis, Jerel Maddox and Timothy Smith, whom are challenged socially by the norms that exist in our society.

The dance group of Mobile, Ala. just wants to be accepted in the J-Setting world, allowing cheerleading to meet hip-hop with a style of dancing that can resemble Beyoncé’s Single Ladies music video.

“The Prancing Elites’ positive perseverance through life’s countless hurdles and rejections will tug at the heartstrings of Oxygen’s young, open minded and diverse audience,” according to Rod Aissa, the executive vice president of the original programming and development at Oxygen Media. “With vibrant personalities, an abundance of humor and even more determination, this authentic group holds true to themselves and never stops celebrating who they are.”

The trailer on the Oxygen site which promotes the series being added to their infamous list is just a small taste of what will be seen throughout this first season. The five best friends show their struggles with acceptance as well as their support and love for each other. They live and love with one common goal in mind, and that is just to dance.

The group is currently banned from performing in any local festivities and hometown parades, as well as competitions, so in turn they are taking their talents elsewhere, teaching local classes in the community as well as dancing at college football games. They dance wherever they can, even on boat cruises!

The Prancing Elite will make their big debut on Wednesday, April 22 at 10 p.m. on Oxygen.

What do you guys think? Too much for TV or should these gentlemen have the right to tell their story?


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