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The Rainbow Nation

Jasmine Ayana Sudarkasa

Jasmine Ayana Sudarkasa

Guest Poet

The Rainbow Nation

By Jasmine Ayana Sudarkasa

 The drums of a nation call out

your name

As your people stand together,

one and the same

We your people are thanking


For everything that you’ve done

For bringing hope into our lives

Like the strongest rays of the


As our favorite friend

As our strongest leader

We wish you a happy birthday

Happy Birthday Madiba

One last time

We wish you congratulations

Good health, long life

With love, The Rainbow Nation

     This poem was written by Dr. Niara Sudarkasa’s oldest granddaughter, Jasmine, who wrote this in honor of Mr. Nelson Mandela in 2003 on his 85th birthday. She was 12 at the time.


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