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The  Westside Gazette Newspaper is honored to feature these editorial contributions made by local students.

Layla Davidson

By Layla Davidson

As we reflect over this year, we notice that there were major changes to our economy and our lives. In March, COVID-19 became one of the deadliest viruses, killing millions of people.

We have been social distancing and wearing masks from March to now. In short, our lifestyle has been different.

Throughout this year, many things have happened that have united communities and divided countries. Cases like George Floyd and Breonna Taylor brought the Black community together, yet it divided the United States.

Then, we had the 2020 election, one of the largest elections to have votes cast and the outcome was that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won the election.

This united America  and communities of color because our new vice president is a woman of color.

Additionally, as we continue to see racism committed in society, there is more attention being brought towards it. Although there is still room for improvement, the world is getting better. Hopefully, this new year will bring you overflowing blessings and we will see change with new authority figures in place.

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