Letter to the Editor

By Jake Pickering

Who helped organize the treason of Jan. 6?

His name is Paul Gosar, Arizona’s idiot Sith.

Gosar promised pardons to insurrectionists.

Paul lied and cops died! Gosar is a fascist.

Gosar held fundraisers with neo-Nazis who Denied that the Holocaust ever happened.

Wyoming’s Rep. Liz Cheney should slap him!

Republican Rep. Gosar is hated by his family.

They all campaigned against Gosar happily.

The Arizona GOP is incompetent as can be because conservatives just love to inbreed.

Stop touching your children inappropriately, Or the Cyber Ninjas will publicly expose thee.

Just because Donald Trump says he would Do his girl Ivanka, doesn’t mean you should!

Ivanka turns Donald’s mush-room into wood.

& Paul Gosar desperately wants to do AOC, which explains why he stabbed her in anime.

To the millions of real patriots who own guns, Gosar claims he’s a new Alexander Hamilton.

Where’s an Aaron Burr when you need one?


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