The Satans in Your State

Lucius Gantt

The Gantt Report

By Lucius Gantt

      I hope you’re enjoying the news reports and other columns about the best way to address the recent domestic terror attacks on the United States capitol  suggesting you should ignore the acts of trespassing, thefts, deaths and murders of law enforcers and come together to “unite” the country.

I don’t want to unite with grifters, cons, liars, nationalists and supremacists. I don’t want to unite with law breakers, insurrectionists or political puppets that take oaths of elected office to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, then decide to reject democratic procedures to cow tow, cozy up and suck up to a political loser like the 45th President.

To me, the Democrats that you love to support and vote for must discredit and crush the threats to equal rights, equal votes and equal justice under the law by any and all means necessary!

The immediate threats come from people that communicate on social media about trashing the U.S. capitol and 50 state capitols because the klansman in chief lied constantly about a rigged and unfair election loss.

However, the long-term threats come from the Satans in your states!

Don’t let people distract you with kumbaya rhetoric. Members of the Republican Party are organizing an effort they think will get them the votes and power to overcome the current Democratic controlled governments on the federal, state and local levels.

No one will write about it but The Gantt Report but Republicans that control many state legislatures are drawing up and filing bills that will totally change the way you vote for your elected officials.

The members of the ultraconservative right want to do away with “mail-in” voting, some early voting, some absentee voting, drop box vote collection systems and some Republicans want you to have voter ID cards before you can vote.

If you don’t know, the satans in your state plan to suppress your votes by legislation!

Politicians don’t want you to look at the big political picture. A lot of African Americans, Hispanics and other well-meaning voters were happy to go to the polls and vote against Donald Trump. They left the polling places and voting booths thinking Trump has lost so everything is all right.

No, you should have voted against Trump and every other politician that supported and perpetuated his lies about election fraud, fake news, witch hunts and no Russian collusion and election interference.

Take a closer look at the runoff election for Georgia Senators.

You tell me, why did Ossoff and Warnock win but Daniel Blackman, another Black that ran statewide, lost even though Warnock and Blackman had signs and literature distributed throughout Georgia with both names on it?

Blackman was running for Public Service Commissioner. He was fairly expert on utilities and nuclear power plants but he, like Ossoff and Warnock, didn’t have a clue about how to run and effective and cost efficient statewide political campaign. They hired the staffs they were told to hire.

So, how did the Democratic Senators win? They bought their victories by collecting and spending more than their opponents.

Georgia state Republican politicians won every state race except the Senate seats that they wanted to win and they still control the Georgia Legislature, the Governor’s office, Secretary of State’s office and other important statewide elected offices.

Because of state Republican control, you will be limited in future elections, you will be negatively reapportioned and you will continue to be gerrymandered!

Yes, the political satan is just as slick, just as sly and just as tricky as the other devils in your state.

As I’ve said before, politics is war without bloodshed and war is politics with bloodshed.

If you want to fight for democracy, you should know your enemies, federal, state and local.


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