The Sheep and the wolf

The Gantt Report

By Lucius Gantt

      Once upon a time, a political pasture was created in a town far, far away called Washington.

The pasture was inhabited by political sheep who worked hard, played hard, and lived in the pasture in peace and harmony.

But the sheep lacked direction. They tried several times to elect a leader. They wanted a shepherd who could help them, protect them, and serve all the sheep.

One day, a lying, cheating, and devilish wolf decided a wolf should tell the sheep what to be, where to go, and how to act.

So, the wolf dressed himself in sheep’s clothing and convinced the weak sheep who were afraid to lose their stature and position in the pasture to designate the slimy, degenerate wolf as the shepherd of the sheep.

The sheep that opposed the wolf were ostracized, blackballed, and kicked out of the pasture.

When the wolf got control of the sheep, he forced the sheep to bow down to all the wolves in the world. The wolf ignored the sheep laws, dismissed the sheep’s morals and values, and turned the white sheep against the Black sheep in the name of white sheep nationalism and white sheep supremacy.

The sheep in the political pasture were terrified! They believed the bloody-jawed wolf would politically kill any sheep or any other animal that opposed his wicked plots and schemes.

Even the bootlicking, handkerchief-headed, and buck-dancing Black sheep were afraid of the despicable wolf. The modern-day “Buckwheats” thought the wolf loved them but the devilish wolf only wanted to use the sheep.

You see, the evil wolf was taking orders from Russian bears, Chinese dragons, and other foreign critters, dictators, authoritarians, and various other enemies of righteousness and goodwill.

The sheep have been lied to much too long. They must rebel!

The sheep must go to the polls in 2024 and vote against every wolf that is running for office in Congress, and also vote against those wolves in state legislatures.

It is the wolves who are poisoning the blood of every sheep and every other animal in the political pasture!

The demonic and satanic wolf was not the friend of the Three Little Pigs, and he was not the friend of Little Red Riding Hood, and he is not the friend of Democracy and the righteous way!

Don’t ever be afraid to fight a wolf that doesn’t even have a pack!


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