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The Sistrunk neighborhood outreach at Lincoln Park

Participants enjoy activities

Participants enjoy activities

The Sistrunk neighborhood outreach at Lincoln Park

By Jimmie Davis, Jr.

Saturday’s at Lincoln Park is normally for picnics and relaxation, but residents that live along the Sistrunk Corridor usually go out there to chill out, barbeque, and play a game of basketball – but last Saturday wasn’t a typical day at the park.

That’s because Dr. Angela Seals, Executive Director of Order of Excellence Embassy Leadership Training Center organized a Christian festival that catered to not only the spiritual needs of the community – but to other areas of their lives such as providing food baskets and clothing too mention a few.

“We want members of the community to realize that even though they may have made mistakes in their lives they still can be successful,” said Seals. “We all need encouragement. Hope is still on the horizon.”

Seals take a phenomenal approach to bring enlightenment, and power to single moms, teens and men to give them a sense of hope.

Any organization can come and minister to the needs of the residents but what happens after the singing, dancing and food is gone asked Seals?

Therefore in order to accommodate residents more thoroughly Seals asked the residents to register so her ministry can provide additional follow-up and find out what their specific needs are.

It’s very rare to see a single father raising four kids but John Washington stood in line and registered Jataya, 10, a 5th grader, John, 7, a 2nd grader, Jalita, 9, a 3rd grader, and Jakeia, 6, a 1st grader.

“I need help because I’m a single parent raising four kids,” Washington said. “Women are not the only ones struggling. I need employment.”

Washington says he was turned down for public housing, because he doesn’t have any income and now he’s living with his dad until things get better.

“I’m a caring father and I took responsibility of my children,” said Washington. “I’m depending on God to supply all of my needs.”

Saturday’s event primarily focused on kids and there were plenty of things for them to do such as play in the bounce house, get their face painted, bubble machine, hula hoops [Hallelujah hoops], and plenty of hot dogs/drinks and gospel music.

Gospel recording artist Rev. Arthur Hallet was on hand along with Christian hip hop group Authentik.

There was even a table set up to provide prayer by Bishop Eason, Greg Spotts and Rev. Pino.

Five time world champion – five time national champion and Guinness Book world record holder and all time greatest bench press of 711 pounds Big James Henderson uses the platform that God has given him to spread the gospel.

He says that he likes to “invade” upon the devil’s territory by traveling 46 weeks out of the year to do outreach and speak at various workshops and conferences such as the upcoming Mega fest in Dallas, Texas with Bishop T.D. Jakes.

“A lot of people continue to place God within the four walls of the church,” said Henderson. “That’s not our purpose. We are here today to do outreach.”

Henderson likes to talk with people and tell them about the love of God and how God has made significant changes in his life.

“There’s someone out here today that I’m going to meet and we can learn about each other’s life,” Henderson said. “They can see how I made it and perhaps they can get their life turned around.”


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