The storm this time

Lucius Gantt
Lucius Gantt

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The storm this time

By Lucius Gantt

      The price of gasoline recently increased dramatically after parts of Texas were flooded in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

An even more severe hurricane, Irma, is expected to reach South Florida sooner or later once it has skirted across the Caribbean.

Get serious, get prepared and be prayerful – the storm this time is no joke!

When any disaster hits a city or a state, it is economically devastating. Government spending has to increase, businesses have to make financial adjustments and citizens have to make certain financial sacrifices.

Well, the people are always encouraged to purchase homeowner’s insurance, hurricane coverage, flood insurance and other products that should ease financial pains during times of natural disasters.

However, insurance and other protection policies you are encouraged to purchase don’t always pay off when you file claims.

Instead of doing all they can to help you in times of need, some insurance companies do all they can to deny your claims, pay you less than you deserve or avoid paying you all together!

I would advise you to take photos of your home before a hurricane or flood reaches your area, and take photos afterwards  to show how your property was damaged.

It is not unusual for devilish insurance companies to say your home or business did not suffer damages because of a storm. Some will even change status reports and engineering reports in order to support their claim denials.

Do all you can to protect yourself physically and financially at all times. Your survival and your family’s survival is a must.

No heirloom and no material possession is more important than you are. You can take another picture, you can get another vase, that car and that furniture can be replaced.

But there is only one you!

If the category five hurricane does wreck havoc on the State of Florida, after you save yourself do what you can to help others.

Try to rescue somebody, offer to shelter somebody and, if you can, share a meal or two with someone less fortunate than you.

The Bible says after Noah and the ark he built survived a devastating floor, God promised that he would not totally destroy the earth in that manner again.

Where ever and whenever a hurricane or flood hits, the people, the community and the culture can come back to some sort of normalcy.

When the seas and oceans get tough or the waves are calm and serene, we are all still in the same boat.

The wind doesn’t know or care whose house it blows down and the water doesn’t care which beach it surges or business it floods.

But two things we do know: environmental devastation and what happens afterwards will be felt more by the poor than the rich, and it will take a concerted and united effort to make things right again on every level.

Take care and may God protect and bless the readers of The Gantt Report!  (Buy Gantt’s latest book, “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing” on and from bookstores everywhere. Contact Lucius at And, if you want to, “Like” The Gantt Report page on Facebook.)


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