The Tree of Life

By Melanated Glow

      In the beginning there was darkness. It is in the depth of the waters that this World came into existence. It is in the womb of our mothers that we came into being.  It is in the depths of our souls that our purpose is apparent. It is in our subconscious mind that our actions are determined.

There is so much power that is stored in the depths of this planet, our minds, our wombs, and our souls. It is from this energy that the power is generated to create everything we see and experience in physical form. The development of our bodies starts at conception. This growth and development are in regard to our mental as well as physical bodies. During development we experience everything that our mother experiences as the foundation of who we are. Our time in the womb is the source of our creation. It is the root of this existence. During that time life is being created and extended to create a whole new person.

We take it for granted sometimes but the power of being able to create another human being is so divine. We have the ability to create another person that takes on 32 genes from the father and 32 genes from the mother to create a complete person similar but different from both of their creators and their siblings. The lifeline that forms this connection is the tree of life. The connection looks like a tree and is called the placenta. The placenta is responsible for sending oxygen and nutrients to the growing child and created at conception for this specific purpose. It also cleans the baby’s blood with the help of the umbilical cord. The placenta is the organ that joins the mother to her child.

When our children arrive, they are supposed to enter this world with their placenta. The placenta comes out shortly, 30 to 60 minutes, after the birth of the child. It contains the nutrients that the baby needs for growth and proper development now that he or she has been born. Western medicine has started a “cut the umbilical cord” tradition that doesn’t benefit the life we create. Instead, the organ is preserved for other actions not related to the child it was created for. Although the nutritional factor of the placenta is known in the medical field, there is more conversation regarding putting it into pills and products than with it remaining with the child it was created for until it falls off by itself in 3 to 10 days. If kept attached to the delivered child, the placenta continues to provide the newborn child with all of the nutrition it needs that is better than any shot or vaccine because these are the same minerals that the baby was developed with.

When we understand how our bodies work, we can then make decisions that benefit ourselves and those that we love. There are more mothers today having a doula, having at-home births, and allowing the tree of life to give life to the child once he or she arrives. Sometimes it just takes a conversation to make someone aware of this beautiful, natural experience. It is time to do things naturally. We are meant to provide the best life for our children and the first thing they need is their placenta!


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