The Ultimate Welfare Queen

By Don Valentine & Nicole Nutting

      She said: Don, do you re-member when the whole “welfare queen” scandal was ginned up by Republicans in the Reagan era? Supposedly the welfare rolls were chock full of lazy people of color. This hoax was perpetuated to justify smaller government spending (and veiled racism). “Oh dear, our tax dollars are being wasted by the hordes who simply refuse to work–quick, cut them off!”

Today I posit that the biggest welfare queen of ALL TIME currently sits in the Oval Office. Can you prove me wrong?!

He said:  Pal, I have been called a lot of names in my life.  No one ever called me stupid!  “Axios” newspaper and M.S.N.B.C. both reported that President Trump has misused the office for profit.

He cajoled military flights into refueling at a civilian airport close to his hotel property.  This earned at least 11 million dollars in extra revenue for the failing airport near his failing Scotland golf resort.  That is your “Grifter in Chief” at his best.

  She said: How about his “suggestion” that the vice president stay at Trump’s Irish resort, a full 180 miles away from Pence’s scheduled meetings. He just keeps pushing the envelope, from golfing on the taxpayers’ dime to pitching his Doral property as the next G7 venue. Each thing he gets away with merely emboldens him for the next con. He won’t stop unless we stop him, and the hypocritical GOP suddenly doesn’t care about misuse of government funds. Even the people of Hong Kong had the backbone to riot in the streets against Chinese oppression.

He said: “We can talk about it or Be about it”!  Please email your views to our Florida Republican Senators.

Rick Scott [rickscott.senate/gov-contact/rick

Marco Rubio [

I did.  Nicole let’s ask our readers what side of history do they want to stand on?  Participating in a 2nd term when “The Welfare Queen” sells the Statute of Liberty to Russia for pocket cash? Time to close the ranks folks!



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