Title: The Power to Shape Preschool

Title: The Power to Shape Preschool

Dear Parents,

Education has been a part of our American history for centuries; however, as a parent or legal guardian of little ones, you may question if preschool is right for your child’s wellbeing? Well, here is some vital information that will help you in your decision making!

The earlier you expose your child to a school environment, the better and easier it will be for your child to gain a well-educated platform and quality social skills to excel in his or her everyday endeavors.

Children who have never attended preschool will not know what is socially acceptable within a school environment even if they have siblings at home. However, if your child attends preschool, there are some rules to be followed so everyone can safely interact with each other. This will allow your child to explore a world of cultural diversity and acceptance of their peers with different abilities to establish and continue building upon being socially adequate through a safe and respectable school atmosphere.

Along with being social and abiding by rules, children are also taught a lot of fundamental skills. The lessons are fun and interactive which the students retain knowledge from. The classrooms are equipped with several teaching resources so that the teachers can teach the students using different teaching methods to ensure that the lessons are comprehended. Also, the children do a lot of activities that keep their minds engaged and fascinated about school. This develops language and the intellect remains with a child forever.

In all, preschool provides so many opportunities for your child to learn, interact, and explore a world of academic wonders. Therefore, preschool is the right choice for your child’s well-being! Let your child come in and enjoy the fun while learning in a safe and comfortable environment. You will not regret it! If you need information about schools’ locations, contact Family Central, Children and Families, or your County’s District School Board.


Thank you!

Mrs. Naella N. Michaud


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