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Mattie Richardson
Mattie Richardson

To My Readers, another school year has begun and we thank God for protecting our children and families through a beautiful blessed summer.

      I was Director/Owner for 13 years of (Stepping Stone Child-care and Learning Center in the city of Lauderhill, Fla. Due to uncontrollable circumstances I had to close my center in December on the 29‘h day and the year of 2006. Since then I have been helping early childcare centers around Broward County.

    Glory be to almighty God, who has bless me to open a new center in Broward County by the year 2013 I am  planning to open a second one in Douglas County, in Douglasville GA.

    I would like to share a message with my readers, parents, teachers, early childhood providers and advocate of early childhood. The early childhood years are extremely important because they are the basis for all future living and learning experience in life. My staff and I are thoroughly aware of all the areas of development (not constant practice) that allow for growth in children. Generally, certain growth can be expected during each of these early years. Some children mature in certain areas more rapidly than others do.

      For example, one child might grow in the area of coordination and perceptual skills and be able to ride a two wheel bicycle at the age of four or five. Maturity in development in one or two areas is not an indication of total readiness; it is only an indication of early growth, not of advanced skills. Total readiness involves overcoming social, emotional, perceptual, conceptual and psychomotor skill-and tasks. Parents, and friends, it is the goal of this school to teach children to enjoy school, to be happy with themselves, to be secure in there friendships, to know they are God’s little children, and be totally prepared in all areas of development necessary for future success in their education. We are very concerned about each child’s achievement and take responsibility in recognizing the development of each child very seriously.

   Thanks, Mrs. Mattie Richardson.


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