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Trash Talking


Trash Talking

By Janice Hayes

      One does not have to be a LEED Green Associate, an Eco-Environmental Enthusiast or even have a strong passion for preserving our environment to appreciate the value of a clean, germ free, energy-efficient environment.  John Wyche, the CEO and founder of TRASHCO®, a local ecoconscious  business knows all too well the benefits of a fresh environment.

     In October 2009, John Wyche observed that there was an abundance of trash dumpsters, but a deficit of companies to clean them and make them odor free.  Thus, he founded TRASHCO®, and began serving Broward and Miami-Dade counties.

      Trashco’s mission is to educate residents, businesses and municipalities about the environmental and health benefits of keeping trash receptacles and enclosures clean. Trashco cleans and sanitizes commercial dumpsters, trash compactors and residential garbage cans all across South Florida.  Trashco expanded its services to include bathroom hygiene, fleet washing and the sales of janitorial products.

     The benefits of utilizing Trashco’s services include:  cost effective, non-toxic and  biodegradable solutions for cleaning trash receptacles and the proper disposal of sludge and wastewater; reduced exposure to disease from germs that live on hard surfaces providing; a safer working environment for sanitation workers and their families: the very best EPA-rated disinfectants with proven efficacy for killing virus-causing pathogens; complement to LEED certified buildings and forum for sharing and learning how to conserve our precious natural resources.

     Trashco is not just talking trash, but in addition to the business scope of work, the company donates 5 percent of its earnings to the AAWMemorial Scholarship fund wherein they provides scholarships to assist college-bound students in achieving their educational goals.

     Trashco also supplies assorted bundles of cleaning supplies to the local community at a huge discounted rated.  Each bundle is valued at over $99 and is distributed for only $5 through a special program. The bundles include top brand products such as Tide, Gain, Windex, Clorox, Downy, Glad, Lysol  and other large size popular cleaning products.

     In learn more about Trashco® or to inquire about their Scholarship funds, or Assorted Bundles contact John Wyche (754) 200-1925, email: website:


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