Treated like a slave

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Treated like a slave

By Lucius Gantt

      American law enforcers commanded by President Donald Trump and his Attorney General Jeff Sessions are treating dark-skinned immigrants like slave masters treated uncooperative slaves!

United States citizens and concerned citizens around the world are both angry and upset about how abused, misused and terrified families seeking asylum in “The Land of the Free” are treated at the border.

Babies are being snatched out of their mother’s arms, toddlers are being pulled away from their fathers and pre-teens and teenagers are being separated from their families by US Border Agents and sent to unknown locations miles and miles away from relatives that love them, care for them and want a better life for them!

Well, I’m not surprised. The white racist idea that it is appropriate to punish people of color by separating children, spouses and relatives from their families has never been truly abandoned and prohibited.

The ancestors of today’s African Americans were routinely separated from their family members but they weren’t just rounded up by Custom Agents, Border Patrolmen or members of the United States Military deployed to arrest and/or incarcerate any immigrants that come to this country seeking asylum.

The babies of African American slaves were taken from their parents and sold to the highest bidders. The children of Black slaves were taken from their mothers and fathers and forced to work for free from sun up to sun down. And, little Black girls were abducted from their slave quarters and taken away to serve as “belly warmers” or sex partners for a devilish slave master and his overseers!

I know many Gantt Report readers don’t agree with me but they should believe their own eyes.

Non-white immigrants that come to America seeking protection, asylum or just wanting a better life and better opportunities are often treated like modern day slaves!

Immigrants are told, “You can cut my grass or water my plants, you can pick my tomatoes, clean my house or be a nanny to my children but don’t go to sleep and dream about having the rights, privileges and respect that white immigrants can have in America”.

No one should ever hurt, traumatize or separate a baby from his mother and father just because they show up at an American border.

Once upon a time, the United States was considered by many to be the best country in the world. It was described as the land of opportunity.

Immigrants poured into the country at Ellis Island and at other America entry points and they were welcomed with open arms!

Now, even Puerto Ricans, who are already US citizens, are treated like refugees and undesirable immigrants when they leave their island and come to the United States just because they look Hispanic or speak Spanish.

All Americans should be ashamed at the way the current administration of Donald Trump has decided to treat immigrants of color.

Members of the Republican political party should rise up and oppose policies and directives of the 45th President that are racially motivated, malicious and capricious!

Immigrants of color that attempt to enter the United States for legal and honorable reasons aren’t separated from the children and parents because they are criminals; they are treated badly because of their skin color.

Immigrants are treated like slaves were treated!




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