Letter to the Editor

By Jake Pickering

80% of Canadians are vaccinated against COVID-19. Fortunately for them, Canadians aren’t culturally hobbled by a large minority of anti-science, religious fundamentalist flat earthers forcing their foolish faith into law, the way cancel culture conservatives have traditionally attacked American democracy with their nonsense and baseless bigotry.

For the most part, Canadian truckers are lucky enough NOT to have the same well-earned awful reputation that Deep Southern redneck American truckers have here stateside, where being a trucker is generally thought of as your low-IQ ra-cist White Trash man’s way of attempting to commit statutory rape on a daily basis. And don’t even get me started on the Teamsters and their reputation! Does anyone find Jimmy Hoffa yet?

Furthermore, a full 90% of Canadian truckers are al-ready vaccinated, but that didn’t prevent a small, far-right faction of fat fascist Canadian trucker twits (who make the late John Candy look svelte by way of comparison) from taking their trucks, Nazi swastikas, and Confederate flags to Ottawa to harass its innocent residents by honking their truck horns all night long like the hate-filled honkies they really are.

No wonder fascist Fox “News” converted their soulless selves into Trucker Tantrum TV for the past several weeks. Not only are 21st Century Fox Republicans irredeemably stupid and racist, but they also hate Canada! While of course at the same time these right-wing Republitards can’t stop themselves from performing figurative fellatio on Russian dictator Vladimir Putin for all the world to see on Fox TV. GOP = Greedy Old Perverts.

P.S.  —  Donald Trump is going to prison.



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