Trump, Fugitive From Reality

John Johnson II

 By John Johnson

      Former President Trump throughout his life has clearly demonstrated to America that, in fact, he’s always been a fugitive from reality. Remember, he wanted everyone to believe that with only two million dollars, given by his father, he amasked all his wealth on his own. This was a complete lie. He inherited well over $450 million from his father. Further, well before he was elected president, he promised to release his income tax records once his audit was completed. Not surprisingly, we’ve learned that he’s been and remains a fugitive from paying his fair share of federal income taxes. However, his refusal to pay taxes, even if legal, hasn’t caused the death of anyone.

However, when this former president refused to warn the American people of the dangers posed by COVID-19, rather than  take decisive actions to halt this pandemic, he acted as a fugitive from reality. This act alone probably makes him the most dangerous president to ever hold this office. Thus far, over 10 million have contracted COVID-19, and nearly 300 hundred thousand have died. Now, he merely broods about having lost his election.

Somehow it appears that Trump uses his fugitive persona to shield him from feelings of empathy, defeat, truth, honesty, and the rule of law. Most importantly, he now refuses to acknowledge that he has incurred the wrath of American voters and has less than 75 days to vacate the White House.

While this article isn’t an attempt to offer a psychoanalysis of the president, it does hope that it’ll encourage Americans to take the time to conduct an introspective analysis of themselves as well as a review of why 55% of white women, a 2% increase from 2016, voted again for Trump. This group, in my opinion, represents the linchpin, just as Black women have been and continually work to bend the ach of righteousness, justice, equality, and opportunity for all toward a more perfect Union.

The sad fact that over 70 million voters, which, can you imagine, included some Black folks, voted again for Trump. This is a sign that something is terribly wrong in America. Ok, just stay the course because there are examples of how Trump has managed to convince members of his base to become fugitives of reality as well. If you have a fever, dry cough, diarrhea, body aches, you most likely contracted COVID-19, which could be deadly. We know that thousands are asymptomatic but could very well beinfected. Yet, thousands beckon Trump’s call and attended his rallies.

Why did the former president not warn this Nation about the pandemic, but instead encourage thousands to attend his rallies, if indeed he wasn’t a fugitive from reality regarding COVID-19 and countless other issues facing America?

Hollywood has made several movies entitled, “The Fugitive,” but the plot never represented a threat to the American people. But rather, it sought to vindicate a man unfairly charged with a terrible crime. Trump who now behaves as America’s number 1 fugitive isn’t an actor playing a role in a movie. This is real life and in living color. His remaining days as presidents, though few, could prove perilous for America.

Let’s count the ways. Trump has demonstrated a willingness to behave in the following unpresidential ways: 1) shared top U.S. secrets with our enemies ,2) attempted to coerce a foreign leader to get involved in our presidential election, 3) refused to disclose hundreds of millions of indebtedness, 4) failed to honor his oath to protect this country form domestic enemies, which includes a pandemic, 5) coopted the role of the Attorney General, 6) filled key governmental positions with cronies, 7) packed the Supreme Court with staunch conservatives Judges recommended by the Federalist Society, (whom he seeks to control), 8) kowtowed to Putin, 9) denigrated ours allies, 10) implemented orders to snatch children from the arms of their mothers and lock them in cages, etc.

The list of Trump’s deviant behavior is mind boggling. Currently, he’s firing people. What will he do next when this ceases to calm his anger? It must be noted that he still possesses access to the nuclear codes as well as receives daily classified briefings.

Trump has only been able to trash the Constitution and rule of law because Republican Senators failed to hold him accountable and honor their Oaths to the Constitution. Even to this very day, they’ve chosen to support this former president’s insane belief that he didn’t lose the election. Their behavior is reprehensible if not borderline treasonous. They’re doing this even though the people of, for, and by this government have voted/booted Trump from the, “People’s House.”

Would it not be prudent, as required, for the Vice President and a majority of sitting Cabinet secretaries to decide using the powers specified in Section 4, of the 25th Amendment to the Constitution, that Trump is demonstrating a dangerous level of mental unfitness for office during the remaining days of his presidency.


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