Trump’s  &  Epstein’s  Evil  Syndrome

John Johnson

By John Johnson II

Yes America, you’re as guilty as sin itself. You may not have   biologically created these misfits, but you provided the nurturing embryonic environment for them to mutate into two individuals of abomination. What is known about these men is their unusual charismatic ability to debase the moral character of people and turn them into a cult of worshiping followers. Of God’s seven sins of abomination, these two men collectively violated all of them.

For those who aren’t familiar with God’s seven sins of abomination, let’s briefly identify them as follows: Proverbs 6:16-19, “haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked schemes, feet that are swift in running to mischief, a false witness who utters lies, and one who spreads strife among brothers.”

Now as we delve into the syndrome of the effects of these two men on America, it’s important to not attempt to compare them, but to understand how destructive and vile they were to our humanity. Also, the sins of this government and its people towards the deeds of these men are not dismissible by having blind eyes and deaf ears. Yet, neither was blind nor deaf.

Imagine one is high above with a bird’s view of the immoral deeds of both Trump and Epstein. Trump, even before becoming president, demonstrated a lack of morality, a playboy, and a    penchant for criminal deal making. Ep-stein, on the other hand, was   a dangerous pedophile. He also was an individual with devious disguises, dishonest wall street investor, notorious swindler, real estate tycoon, and playboy.

To truly depict the gravity of Trump’s and Epstein’s syn-drome on America, it calls for the use of descriptive language that characterizes the sheer vile of their deeds.

Trump as president repeatedly violated his oath to the U.S. Constitution and enriched himself/family by violating the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution. He metaphorically ripped the blindfold from the eyes of the Lady of Justice as he ordered the Attorney General to pursue his political enemies. Then, without a noticeable conscience, he spread lies about the deadly COVID-19, virus causing thousands to die needlessly.

At this vey moment, the Republican Party as well as their base, still revere Trump, recognize him as the legitimate president, and are prepared to reelect him in 2024. One must ask the question: “Why would the Republican Party and its base of voters offer up Democracy as a sacrificial lamb to a demagogue?” Trump, the would-be autocrat, not only plotted a coup to overthrow our government, but followed up by inciting the January 6, 2021, insurrection on the Capitol Building. Is this not an act of sedition?

Regrettably, the Jeffery Epstein saga isn’t an aberration. Powerful and wealthy men have continually used these elements to corrupt other men and to enticed women and even underaged girls to become victims of sexual exploitation. Epstein did all three. Young girls lured with money and promises of fame were repeatedly raped for years.

With the help of Governmental officials and other powerful and wealthy friends, such as Attorney Ken Starr, Epstein managed to escape being tried and convicted. Though Epstein may have escaped punishment by a court of law, he met his fate in a prison cell.

Yes, Trump’s and Epstein’s syndrome were horrific and an abomination. We don’t know for certain if Epstein may have ripped the under garments of his underaged victims. But we do know that he repeatedly raped them, thereby committing crimes of moral turpitude.

Before continuing our discussion of Trump, do you remember Thomas Hickey? If not, he was a soldier who fought in the American Revolutionary War of 1776. He also was the first person gruesomely hung by the Continental Army for mutiny, sedition, and treachery. Caesar, Emperor of Rome, suffered a painful and bloody death at the hands of patriotic Senators to save their Republic.

Trump has faced hundreds of civil litigations lawsuits, settling 175 times, losing 137 cases, winning 450, and reaching agreements with 137. Thus far, Trump has managed to avoid any criminal charges. Amazingly, though impeached twice by the House of Representatives, each time the Senate, “The Deliberate Body,” failed to Convict.

If evidence collected by the Commission Investigating the January 6, 2021, insurrection proves that former president Trump planned the coup as well as incited the insurrection, he could face a criminal  charge of sedition, just as did Thomas Hickey. YOU BE THE JUDGE!

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