USPS Presidential Sabotage

By Nicole Nuttting and Don Valentine

      She Said: Don, we’ve been hammering the need for mail voting lately, but perhaps we should back up and re-group! Despite the fact that mail tampering is a violation of federal code (18 US code 1701), Trump has now admitted out loud that he’s sabotaging the USPS to affect the election. A recent Pew Research study found that 58% of Democrats typically vote by mail, whereas only 17% of Republicans do so. This explains why slower mail delivery, removal of sorting machines and even street post boxes would help Trump cheat to win re-election.

You may not be a fan of Darwin but, scientifically speaking, those who survive are those who are quickest to adapt. We need to brainstorm other ways of making sure our votes get counted. Any ideas?

He Said:  Ideas and comments Nicole! Please, Mr. Trump, give me the respect to cover your dirt I have a 146 IQ and you annoy me when blatantly tell me you’re cheating.  I can figure it out on my own that you’re manipulating the postal service.  My eyesight is fine and I am cogent enough to see those mailboxes being removed. You don’t have to yell at me you’re defunding the post office!

Let me put my hamster brain to use and solve this incendiary issue. The answer is

easy, safe, cheap and secure drop off boxes.  Electorates drive by and off your ballot.

If you don’t have a car you mail it in or walk to the box. Mr. Trump, “Silly Rabbit”

Don’t you know Trix were made for kids!

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