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Vice-Mayor Barbara Sharief announces Small Business Assistance Program

Jose Bido, Yesenio Otero, Barbara Sharief

Jose Bido, Yesenio Otero, Barbara Sharief

Vice-Mayor Barbara Sharief announces Small Business Assistance Program

Assist & Achieve “150 in 1 Year”

Business—Jose Bido (Vice President), Yesenio Otero (CEO), Broward County Vice Mayor Barbara Sharief

From Kimberly Maroe Public Information Manager

      Broward County, FL – In an effort to encourage entrepreneurship and create new job opportunities, Broward County Vice-Mayor Barbara Sharief announced the launch of the Assist & Achieve “150 in 1 Year” Small Business Subsidized Program, made possible through AvanzeCorp, Inc.

The initiative aims to equip 150 entrepreneurs in one year with resources during their start-up phase and mentoring through the course of their first 5 years in business.  The program includes Incorporation Services, Business and Marketing Planning, Credit Repair Assistance, Bookkeeping Assistance, Logo Design, Stationary Design, Printed Material, Web-site Design, Social Media and Marketing Launches in various channels funded by AvanzeCorp, Inc. AvanzeCorp, Inc. is located in Miramar and is owned by Miramar residents Yesenia Otero (CEO) and Jose Bido, Vice President.

These services will be rendered in both English and Spanish and are being offered to for-profit businesses and non-profit organizations alike.

On November 19, Vice-Mayor Sharief will be next in line to serve as Broward County Mayor. “”I applaud AvanzeCorp for offering this generous program to people with big dreams who will need guidance and mentoring to see their business through. Programs like these are rare. My goal is to continue to support initiatives that promote economic advancement and growth of the small business community in Broward County,” said Vice-Mayor Sharief.

Yesenia Otero, CEO of AvanzeCorp, Inc, said “this program is about streaming business theories into real world practice. Not only will it provide entrepreneurs with privately subsidized resources, planning and marketing but the support of a program that will roll-up its sleeves and walk the entrepreneurial journey alongside each venture. We are excited to see these stories in the making and have front-row seats to the economic and labor opportunities it will create for our communities.”

For more information call AvanzeCorp, Inc at 888-848-7771 or email to register.  The 150 seats available will be allotted on a first come, first serve basis.


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